Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas mess

Boxes, wrapping paper, tags, and tape strewn about, mixed together with toys, clothes, books, and other miscellaneous gifts, can fuck the fuck off.  It is completely impossible to clean up as you go when small children are opening gifts.  My daughter, in particular, fishes wrapping paper back out of the trash because it's pretty.

Who the hell came up with the brilliant idea of boxing and wrapping stuff in the first place? Whoever had that wonderful epiphany can fuck off so hard that eighteen generations of their ancestors and descendents feel raw from it, and bitch-slap them when they meet them in the afterlife.

Friday, December 21, 2012


I've got a short list this morning.
  • Psychos that shoot up gun free zones, especially schools, can fuck the fuck off so hard that their great-grandparents feel it.
  • Parents that don't give their children a solid foundation from which to build their lives, leaving an empty spot inside them and lacking knowledge that there is such a thing as evil (rather than just "bad choices") can fuck the fuck off.
  • Churches that have become wishy-washy, not teaching their people that there is such a thing as sin, much less what the Bible says it is, or condemning it when people do it.  And that don't teach about hell, and the consequences of sin.  People that don't fear consequences don't fear committing evil acts.
  • Politicians using dead children to push their own agendas, whatever they may be, the day of and the day after a tragedy can fuck off.  That's not only tasteless and wrong, it increases the pain of the parents involved.
  • Last up: Christmas shoppers.  Christmas shoppers crowding the roads and parking lots and stores, paying attention to nothing and no one but themselves.  They can fuck off so hard that their asses implode.

Friday, December 14, 2012


My son's absolute inability to sleep past seven a.m., no matter how late I permit him to stay up, can FTFO.  So can his inclinations to go looking for his sister, and wake her up for company. 

I was awakened this morning by the wails of a strongly unhappy little girl who really wasn't ready to wake up.  She's in the sleepy part of a growth spurt.  I bet that, if she could, wasn't asleep again, and had the terminology (and if Mama wouldn't wash her mouth out with soap), she'd tell her brother to FTFO.

I sympathize.  I wasn't ready to get up, either.

Friday, December 7, 2012

fear of food, food nannies, or whatever you want to call it

I recently bought a new small bag of decaf coffee.  It's some of the better flavored decaf I've ever had, so no complaints, there.

It's Churchill brand coffee, and the flavor is "sinless pastry."

Sinless.  Pastry.  Like eating a pastry, one with calories, is a sin.  Not just no, but fuck no.  It is not a fucking sin to eat a fucking treat once in a fucking while.  It isn't really a sin to eat boxes of them because a person doesn't know better, never grew past the "I'm a grownup, now, and can eat what I want, and nobody can tell me any different" stage, or because that's what they can afford for breakfast (have you seen the cost of basic, off-brand cereal, lately?). 

It's not a sin to eat.  Not even if a person weighs roughly half as much as a killer whale, and has to get around on a scooter. 

And I am so fucking sick of society trying to make me feel guilty for fucking enjoying my food.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Isn't abortion bad enough?

Do they have to starve sick babies to death in the hospitals, too?

Before anyone starts protesting that that's in Britain, just remember that they have what we will have within five to ten years: complete and total mandatory Medicaid. 

I'd say that the people responsible for such policies have spiritual halitosis resembling disease-rotted queef-stench with a hint of decayed ejaculate, but I am firmly convinced that the monsters that conceived of such a heartless program do not have enough of a soul to be able suffer from such. 

I am beyond angry, and well into numb, horrified, and grieving.

I'm glad my son was born four years ago, and didn't risk being medically murdered in the NICU while I watched.

Friday, November 23, 2012


There isn't profanity bad enough to express my horror at these numbers

My poor great-great-grandchildren.

Friday, November 16, 2012


Where have I heard this rhetoric before?  "It's not my fault!"  It's his fault!" I heard it from Al Gore in 2000, John Kerry in 2004, and Still-President 0bama ever since. 

Mr. Romney...fuck off.  Every fucking sitting president who fucking runs for re-election does their fucking best to fucking be re-elected.  Yes, in this case, it was Still-President 0bama fucking bribing fucking welfare queens with fucking free fucking cell phones with 250 free minutes a month (that we, the taxpayers are footing the bill for).  Yes, there are a fuck-ton of fuckwits fucking sucking on the fucking government teat.  It was your fucking job, you fucktard, to figure out a way to get them on your side, instead of his.  You didn't fucking run to fucking win.  You fucking played nice for fear of being called racist.  You didn't fucking nail him on Benghazi.  It was your fucking healthcare plan in fucking Massachusetts that Still-President 0bama used to model his fucking abortion of a law.  You fucking said you'd fucking bring back the so-called "assault weapons" ban, which fucking scared some gunowners off of voting for your worthless fucking boring fucking white-bread fucking.   The only one who lost the election is you.

If I had the power to enact one law tomorrow...I would pass a law that prohibits anyone on welfare/foodstamps, non-military connected disability checks, or taking a paycheck as a legislator on any level from voting.

And you, Mr. Romney, would still lose.  Because you're just so fucking special like that.

Fuck the fuck off, get your fucking fatuous face out of the fucking news, and just go the fucking fuckety fuck away.

Friday, November 9, 2012

politicians and political hacks

Okay, I'm sure most of us would like to tell 61,112,263 people to fuck right the fucking fuckety fuck off with a splintery cricket bat wrapped tightly in barbed wire, coated in acidic glue and sand.  I second the notion.

I would also like to tell John fucking Boehner to fuck off.  Hard enough that every one of his ancestors feel violated, and his parents slap the dog shit out of him.  Why?

"House Speaker John Boehner offered Wednesday to pursue a deal with a victorious President Barack Obama that will include higher taxes 'under the right conditions,'" and "If there’s a mandate in yesterday’s [election] results it’s a mandate for us to find a way to work together."

Let me translate: "Have we spread the taxpayers' ass-cheeks wide enough for you to ram that rolled-up, hard-bound copy of the Communist Manifesto up the nation's ass, Mr. President?  Oh, and why don't you permit me to kneel behind you and perform anal lingus, Mr. President?  I'm pretty sure my tongue can reach your prostate!" 

Fuck off.  Seriously.  Just...fuck off.  Oh, and renounce the benefits to which you are entitled as a congresscritter and suffer with the rest of us under Obamacare's mandates and restrictions, sign over your wealth and live on Social Security like the rest of the nation's retirees, and live like someone who knows what it's like to make an honest living.  Or, you can go suck dick on Hollywood Boulevard, and make a far more honest living than the one you're making right now.  

And to Ann Coulter.  You washed-up, skeletal, horse-faced twat-brained Republican apologist.  FUCKING MITT FUCKING ROMNEY FUCKING DID NOT FUCKING RUN A BETTER FUCKING CAMPAIGN THAN RONALD REGAN.  IF HE FUCKING HAD, HE'D FUCKING HAVE WON THE FUCKING ELECTION!!!!!  What fucking Mitt fucking Romney fucking managed was to fucking knock the guy that had the best fucking chance of running a better fucking campaign and fucking winning by a fucking landslide out of the fucking running last winter, when he stabbed Herman Cain's campaign in the back.  I hate to tell you this, you cunt-breathed whore, but you've become nothing more than the Rachel Maddow of the Right, only uglier in visage and spirit.  Mitt Romney's campaign sucked balls, but you wouldn't know that, never having been within sight of a pair, even with a telescope.  

I feel a little better, now.  Have at it.

Friday, November 2, 2012


Okay, first off: Tam, you're in my prayers, positive thoughts, and anything else I can think of that might help, or at least make you feel better a little bit.  Cancer can fuck the fuck off and die.  So can biopsies, and waiting for results.

We all love you, out here.  Here's hoping it's nothing serious.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Got a few, this morning..

Ted Turner.  I think M Sgt B said it best: "If Ted ever feels like being sodomized with a nail-studded baseball bat soaked in gasoline, I'm sure he won't have a shortage of volunteers. American soldiers love to help people out."  He can, indeed, fuck right the fuck off, and then die a painful death from rectal prolapse.

Okay, the next is closer to home: the guy that owns the house that my newest set of neighbors live in can fuck right the fuck off, for several reasons.
  •  He gave them verbal indication that he'd let them rent-to-own the house, to be paid off at $20,000 (about what the place was worth).  When he put the contract in front of them, the price had jumped to $46,000.  They wanted to walk away, but he told them he'd let them into the house for $100, plus the expectation that they'd start repairs.  That put them over a barrel because that was literally all they had.
  • Not keeping the utilities in his name until they could have gotten the deposits together, again like he'd promised.  They told him they could pay the electric and water bills, but couldn't do that and get the deposits together.  
  • Assuring them, again verbally, that they could stay and just pay him what they could for rent, when they could, then sending them an eviction  notice after they'd done a few hundred dollars' worth* (if not more) in repairs to the hovel he'd cheated them into.  
The broken promises and misleading statements honestly sound like the guy would do well in politics.  He can fuck off with a 6x6" barbed-wire-wrapped, powdered glass coated building timber, lubricated with sulfuric acid, skunk musk, and the rotten ejaculate of pigs.  Assholery like that needs to hurt, so that they can learn to behave better.

*They've rewired the dangerously messed up wiring, fixed gaping holes in the walls, shored up sagging ceiling, fixed some of the plumbing (though there is more to go--they ran out of supplies and money), cleaned up the yard, and put in a range top and installed an in-the-wall oven, neither of which they can use because of the whole lack of electricity thing.  

Friday, October 19, 2012

hard lessons

I can fuck off for, however briefly, forgetting that I can't afford to make mistakes around my kids, with regards to electronics in proximity to liquids.  I can also fuck off for going ahead and spending the extra money to get the nicer, larger laptop, when all I really needed was a netbook.


Friday, October 12, 2012


Right now, personal frustrations center around territorial behavior of a young boy, and the whiplash-inducing vacillation between snuggling the puppy when she's sleeping and screaming in terror when she's awake that the pixie has been indulging in.  And I will not tell my own kids to fuck off.  So, my topics tend to be either lists of things that have gotten on my nerves in the news or in my classes.

Like this.  The federal government encouraging people to get on food stamps.  That fucking pisses me off so hard that my eyeballs are twitching.  Here's the money quote: "Everyone wins when eligible people take advantage of benefits to which they are entitled."


Mr. Obama, you have, indeed built that.  I hope you are fucking proud of yourself, and that your mother is fucking burning in fucking hell for not aborting you, you fucking spoiled fucking rotten, fucking nasty-tempered, fucking ego-driven, fucking lying fucking bastard.  

*Thank you, Blade III, for that lovely, descriptive turn of phrase.

Friday, October 5, 2012


I am about ready to stop fucking giving any fucking feedback on fucking everything except the fucking papers.  The papers are in my contract--the blogs and the discussion board aren't.  I tell students in the grade book why they don't get the full points when they don't fucking pay attention to the fucking instructions and do the entire fucking assignment fucking correctly the first fucking time.

And the little fucktards email me whining "Whyyyy didn't I get full credit???  I don't unerstaaaaannnddd!!!"

Because you didn't fucking follow the fucking instructions.  Go look at your fucking grade book before you fucking bother me.

And those who pester me with "But you didn't grade my stuff and leave me feedback the minute I did the assignment!"  Y'all can fuck right the fucking fuckety fuck off.  Your fucking shit is not the only fucking thing I have to fucking grade.  If you want me to fucking do it NOW NOW NOW, you will not fucking like your fucking score because you CAN'T FUCKING DO ANYFUCKINGTHING FUCKING RIGHT, you stupid, fucking mouth-breathing fucking MORON.

Those who complain about those who are working full time plus volunteering forgetting one small part of their volunteer work can either turn that volunteer work into a fucking paid fucking position or shut the fuck up when your unpaid helper who volunteers non-existent free time (incidentally, this does not make them your slave, or your bitch) messes something up.

And to family: I buy you groceries because I fucking feel sorry for how stupid you are.  Your choices have been what's caused you to go hungry.  Do not whine about the fact that those fucking groceries aren't the goddamn fucking name brand.  Or that it's the wrong thing, and you don't eat that.  Grow the fuck up, get a fucking job, and buy your own damn groceries.  Because I'm fucking done. 

Friday, September 28, 2012


  • Getting up to walk a puppy at four a.m. can fuck off.  With cheez.  
  •  Not being able to get to sleep before midnight, for whatever reason, when I know I'm going to be getting up at 4:00, 6:30, and for the last time at 7:00 can take a flying leap off the purple people-eater from my nightmare between 6:30 and 7:00, and swan dive into an indigo fuck off.
  •  Students who can't read a schedule of due dates, assignment sheets, or step-by-step instructions with pictures to fucking do something fucking right the first fucking time can fuck off--but they probably won't know how, and would want someone to do it for them.  
  • Politicians and politics.  And people who are fervent true believers in a particular political ideology to the point that they're still campaigning for Toad Akin can fuck right the fucking fuckety fuck off.
  • Cancer.  Cancer can fuck off and die.  
  • Obamacare, its authors, and each and every fucktard fuckstick that fucking voted for it, as well as that traitorous fuck on the fucking Supreme Fucking Court can fuck off so hard that their ancestors and  descendants to the eighteenth generation can feel violated.  You fucking cockbiting fuckbaits just fucking insured that we won't fucking find a fucking cure for any-fucking-thing, much less fucking cancer.  
  • Entitlement spending, and the proponents thereof, can fuck off with a copy of Dave Ramsey's collected works on how money works, how to create and maintain a budget, and how to get out (and stay out) of debt turned sideways, folded until it's all corners, and jammed up their collective ass, just like they've done with the debt to the rest of us.
  • Meetings, bureaucrats, paperwork, and stupid hoops to make the bosses feel like their job is more important than the workers' jobs can fuck off.

Friday, September 21, 2012

another list

  • Ragweed.  Ragweed can definitely FTFO.  
  • Kids' allergies when they're under six, and there aren't really a lot of options for treatment.
  • Getting up every three hours to walk the dog, no matter how cute she is.
  • Webinars useless to actually teaching can FTFO.
  • And, like Ricki, Speshul Snowflakes.  Mine are their own computer problem.

Friday, September 14, 2012

the week's issues

I'm a little busy for a proper send-off--so far, I've gotten about two or three papers graded, and of those, the best has been a B that required quite a bit of feedback.  The worst?  An F.  The poor student wrote the paper by the rules of African-American Vernacular English (otherwise known as Ebonics), instead of American Standard English.  So that student's teachers can fuck the fucking fuckety fuck off--with the standard cricket bat coated in broken glass with a nice battery acid lubricant--for serving them so very poorly because they're black and obviously won't be able to learn any better, so why bother?  Fuck that shit--I could tell by the ideas behind the paper that the student's intelligence was well above average.

Islamofacism can fuck off with a napalm coated ICBM jammed into its collective prostate.  Kill our ambassadors, will you...

And finally, our state department can fuck off so hard that eighteen generations of the descendants of the ones who were FUCKING fully FUCKING aware that there were fucking security breaches fucking endangering our fucking diplomatic staff.

Friday, September 7, 2012

a list

  • Speshul snowflakes that whine, "I don't know hoooowwww!  I can't dooo it!  You have to help me!" while really meaning that they want their teachers to do whatever for them (and yes, there is an easily discernible difference between students who genuinely don't understand what I'm asking, and the ones that pretend they don't).  
  • Barack Obama.  Because the one job on the national stage that should not be landed because of affirmative action is the job of President.  It's now going to be very difficult for any other black man or woman to go for that job, because they're going to be assumed to be a failure no matter how competent and brilliant they are.  Thank you for that, you fucking mouth-breathing moron.  You may be smarter than Joe Biden, but then again, so is a pile of pig shit.  
  • Parents who don't bother to raise their own children, and then gawp at me for my choices to work at home: "Oh, I couldn't possibly do that!  I'd go crazy in a week!"  Wow...way to admit in front of your kids that you can't stand do realize that it's entirely your fault that your kids are whiny, badly-behaved, spoiled-rotten little shits, right?
  • Family that makes you feel like shit because you don't live like they think you should.
  • People who get a new pet, go into raptures for a couple weeks over how wonderful the new pet is, then do an abrupt 180 after the "new" wears off.  
  • Last, but not least, people who do nothing to try to better their circumstances, either because it's "too hard," or because "people around here don't like me, so nothing I can do will change anything" or because of any external excuse they can think up (racism, sexism, ageism, etc.). 

Friday, August 31, 2012


A little too tired this morning for a proper rant.  This is what's been bothering me this past week.
  • I'd like to find whoever/whatever tied the muscles in my back just below my shoulders into a tight, painful knot...and return the favor.  With interest.  
  • Odysseus has been scheduled to work 'til midnight two days in a row (last night and tonight), then 'til eleven.  I'd say his manager could fuck off, but she already did--she either was fired, or quit to avoid being fired.  
  • Students whining "I don't understand!!!  Tell me exactly what to do!!!"  Especially when it's "What do you want us to link for the persuasive posts?"  Sorry--I won't do your thinking (or your work) for you.  And if this is what you're going to be like all semester, you're not going to do well.  Fuck off now, and it won't hurt your GPA.
  • Politicians making light of things they can't possibly understand (I'm looking at you, Todd Akin, and you, Tom Smith) can fuck right off. 
There are other things, but I'm too sleep deprived (as well as coffee deprived, at the moment) to think of them.  As always, rant away in the comments.  That's what these are here for.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Todd Akin

Todd Akin can fuck right the fucking fuckety fuck off.  How the fuck could he fucking think self-fellating in public like he fucking did with that fucking comment about fucking "women don't get pregnant from legitimate rape." 

Let me take a deep breath and address the first issue I have with this statement calmly.

What.  The.  FUCK!!!  Did he fucking fail fucking basic fucking biology???  If a woman is at the time in her cycle, and she's raped, if she's not on the pill SHE WILL FUCKING GET PREGNANT.  FUCKING RAPISTS DON'T FUCKING USE FUCKING CONDOMS WHEN FUCKING ATTACKING THEIR VICTIMS.  If there is a biological function dealing with a traumatic contact like that, it's a FUCKING SURVIVAL OF THE FUCKING SPECIES type that will make getting pregnant MORE fucking likely, not LESS.  If she's going to miscarry, it'll be because the stress of being victim-blamed by twatwaffles like this pencil-necked cocksmith.

Which leads me neatly into my next issue with that particular statement. 

So how does this sanctimonious turd-breathed fucking anal pimple fucking define "legitimate rape?"  Only the kind where a woman is stalked and brutally attacked by a stranger? 

What about being raped by a date?  Or by a person a woman thought was a friend?  Or by an abusive spouse?  Are those not legitimate rapes?

Or maybe the fucking ill-fucking-educated fucking selfish bastard fucking ignorant cunt thinks those are all cases where the woman changed her mind the next day. 

I am a woman.  I know some women are malicious enough to decide "Hmm...after that walk of shame last night, I kind of regret having sex, even though I was enthusiastically consenting and participating last night.  I know!  I'll say he coerced me into having sex!  It wasn't my fault if it was rape!"

Not all.  While I know it happens, it's not common.  Date rape is.  Friend rape is--I had a roommate in college that it happened to.  Spouse rape is. 


Let's see Mr. Akin go through something where a man twice his size threatens to hit him if he doesn't agree to have sex, and see if he calls that "legitimate rape," or if forced consent is still consent to him. 

Oh, and he can also fuck right the fucking fuckety fuck off with a glass-coated cricket bat lubricated with the rotten ejaculate of horses and camels for not fucking stepping aside for one of the candidates he beat in the primary. 

Friday, August 17, 2012

the New Black Panther Party

They can fuck off.  They've just taken old, racist, white supremacist rhetoric and done a "find and replace" to turn it into anti-white hate speech.*

Not only does that totally lack originality, but some of the threats made really make most of the people you're threatening angry, not fearful or uncomfortable.  And that bleeds over, in some cases, on your claimed "brothers."

Yes, by claiming that you're speaking for your entire fucking race (as defined by skin color), you are making your entire race look bad.

So, to those racist pieces of cockbiting parasitical twatwaffles can fuck the fuck off, hard enough that eighteen generations of their ancestors feel violated.  They can fuck off with a cricket bat with sharpened corners covered with glass and lubed with acid. 

Aw, fuck it.  That bunch is so oblivious, they'd be certain that it was happening because the white man was trying to put him back in his place.

Friday, August 10, 2012

stuck on mad at the stupid

The abortion activist abortion provider (blogged about here and here) who claimed to be providing a service by aborting "ugly black babies" can fuck off.  Hard.  No, harder than that.  I want him to  fuck off so hard his momma feels violated and slaps the shit out of him.

Friday, August 3, 2012

too close to home

This man is a creep.  He was a pastor of a church, a married father of two, and having an affair with a teenage girl he was counseling. 

Better check on girls under the age of consent.  If he did it with a sixteen year old, he's likely boffing younger teens.

I know where he's going, whether he makes up with his wife or not.

I suppose he can at least say he wasn't raping her.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

change of topic...

I was going to send up our dear, greatly-beloved zero, and his stupid fucking idea that modern armies still carry AK-47s (with the concomitant assumption that he thinks that the Aurora, CO, shooter was using one), but then I ran across another story.

Two women females nasty, filthy, excuses for human beings meatsacks in Joplin, MO, starved a three year old girl to where she weighed in at 12.5 pounds

My three and a half year old is 32 pounds.  My 19 month old is 22.5 pounds. 

These filthy extrusions from a diseased whore's anus starved a little girl until she was the fucking size of a fucking infant. 

Okay, this is directed at the two fucking spermpurses involved in this horror:

What, were you too FUCKING busy FUCKING munching meth out of each others' fucking moth-eaten fucking carpets to notice that the little girl was hungry?  For probably her whole fucking LIFE?  Did you not FUCKING realize that people would FUCKING BE FUCKING UPSET about you FUCKING MURDERING A SMALL CHILD?  Neglect is one thing, and fucking bad enough, but this is FUCKING ACTIVE FUCKING MALICE. 

May the next dose of whatever drug of choice the two of you suck out of each others' pubes contain something that gives you anal incontinence, with random episodes of explosive watery shit, hopefully while the two of you are involved in hoovering your shag.  May each of you be sent to a separate prison, where a giantess decides you look like you'd make a great handwarmer, and fist you with no lube or preparation, and without bothering to cut her fingernails, first.  May you die from sepsis caused by watery shits flowing into your fucking cavernous cunt, complete with fucking ruptures after you get fisted by said giantess.

Then, when you end up in hell for what you did to the helpless child in your care, may you be spit-roasted by a demon with a barbed cock the size of a body-builder's thigh on one end, and one with a barbed cock the length of a baseball bat on the other, for all of eternity, with switch-ups every so often to a different demon fucking your nasty, disease-ridden vaginal cavity with a barbed cock that also self-lubricates with fucking acid, just to make good and fucking  sure that you don't fucking grow to like being double-pumped by the other two. 

If I had caught them, they would not have survived to stand trial.  I don't give a rat's ass about most adults, but children are helpless.  Abusing a child earns a special place in my heart that bypasses rage into cold hatred.

Friday, July 20, 2012

brainless, out-of-touch politicians

Specifically Steny Hoyer, who has been on the public dole for his entire adult life, and Ben LaBolt, who's so clueless that he thinks the American public isn't on the verge of revolt because of mandatory Medicaid.

Steny Hoyer can FTFO for being such a FUCKING clueless fucking moronic fucking twatwaffle that he fucking thinks that fucking putting MORE people on the fucking dole through fucking giving away longer fucking terms of fucking unemployment and fucking food stamp.

Ben LaBolt can FTFO for equating hopeless surrender to active and enthusiastic consent with regards to that massive anal-rape of a law that is Obamacare.

Your turn.  Have at it.

Friday, July 13, 2012

foodstamp pushers

Did you know that there are cash awards out there for states getting more people on food stamps?  Or that they're advertised on "telenovelas"--Spanish-language soap operas? 

I'd been wondering why the rolls had more than doubled within the last ten years.  Now, I know.


You know what?  I'm going to start snarking anybody I see using a SNAP card or WIC benefits.  I'm fucking sick of this, and both the pushers and the addicts can fuck the fucking fuck off.

Your turn.  What's pissed you off this week?

Friday, July 6, 2012

I don't even know why I bother...

Migraines striking in the middle of the afternoon, can FTFO.  Especially the ones that pretend to be a sinus headache that you're sure you can get rid of with a little medicine.

Liberal talk show hosts...jeez, did they all eat lead paint chips as children, or is it something else causing the brain damage?  Nicole Sandler, filling in for Randi Rhodes, blew up on the air: "I hate this godd–n country. How can I live in a place that lets people go broke because they get sick?! How is health care not a basic human right?"

Okay, cupcake.  Let's start from the top.  If you hate this country, there's a simple solution: emigrate.  Fucking leave.  That's right--pack your fucking shit and get the fuck out.  There are countries all over the world where health care is nationalized.  Let's see how you fucking like the fucking level of care in a place where it is counted a fucking human right.  I hear Britain has exactly what you're looking for.

Except for one small problem: Britain's health care system only works if you're not sick.  If you get sick, you're fucked.  You will probably die, because without anyone paying the expenses, they can't afford to heal your fucking worthless, whiny ass.

Second: most hospitals don't fucking care whether you have fucking health insurance or not: they will fucking treat your worthless fucking ass, anyway.  See, hospitals in the fucking United States, the "goddamn country" you hate so very much, have enough people actually fucking responsible enough to fucking have health insurance, and fucking responsible enough to set up payment plans to cover any expenses they personally incur, that they can afford to fucking treat every worthless, feckless fucking occupidiot and/or leftard (but I repeat myself) that wanders through their door with a case of scabies compounded by gonorrhea, syphilis, or some other unidentified nastiness that causes oozing sores in their funspots.

Last: okay, cupcake.  Let's talk about "basic human rights."  You say health care is one.  Many of your compatriots say jobs where they get paid so that they can buy food, shelter, and smartphones is a basic human right. 


Your parents must be so proud that their daughter wants to fucking reverse a two hundred year trend in Western civilization.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Chief Justice John Roberts

Dear sir,

Sir, your spiritual halitosis stinks of queef.  You obviously never had friends in elementary school, not without your parents having to pay for them. 

I'd say you are a fucking retard, but that fucking insults retards.  They, unlike you, are (if they are capable of holding a job at all) competent enough to know what their fucking job fucking expects of them.  You are a stupid fucking arrogant cock-snorking lawyer who apparently can't fucking read.  If you were fucking competent enough to fucking READ the FUCKING CONSTITUTION, you'd FUCKING KNOW your FUCKING JOB is to FUCKING UNDO FUCKING ILLEGAL AND FUCKING UNCONSTITUTIONAL FUCKING LEGISLATION, no matter how hard the ass-breathed fucksticks who drafted them fucking worked on them, nor how fucking long it fucking took.  If you could fucking READ your FUCKING JOB DESCRIPTION (not to MENTION the FUCKING FOUNDATION DOCUMENT FOR OUR FUCKING LAWS) you would have fucking voted AGAINST the fucking ASS-RAPE of a law that YOUR FUCKING VOTE FUCKING VIOLATED US WITH. 

May the fleas of a million camels infest your genetalia.  May your wife choose to kick you out of bed for the rest of your marriage.  May you fuck off with a extra-large cricket bat coated in superglue, glass shards, rusty barbed wire, and broken razor blades, so that you may know exactly the pain that you have inflicted upon the nation you are sworn to serve. 

Why don't you attempt to print off that law, roll it up, and shove it up your ass?


75% of The American People who Didn't Want Mandatory Medicaid

Friday, June 22, 2012

Gibbering, incoherent rage-inducing FFOT, this week.

I read a story linked from TinCan Assassin's blog on Monday.  It's taken me this long for the shock to wear off, and to get past the incoherent, gibbering rage it caused.

Seems a WWII hero recently lost his wife to cancer.  They fought it, but ultimately lost.  She's buried next to their home, and he was planning to join her when he passed, but something happened.  The medical bills had spiraled so high that he wasn't able to pay them, and declared bankruptcy.

They want to take his house, because he didn't list his retirement fund (a collection of gold and silver coins) in his assets.  He didn't understand the explanations of what he was supposed to do, and now they want to force him to exhume his wife and go die in a ditch.

To heap more trouble on this poor old man's head, he's got prostate cancer, and likely won't live much longer, anyway.

To the lawyers trying to take this old man's home and life: You fucking slimy fucking extrusions from a fucking politician's soiled and diseased nether regions.  How fucking dare you fucking destroy what's left of this man's life.  How fucking dare you fucking try to fucking force this hero from the home he fucking fought for?  Every lawyer in this case--including the veteran's lawyers who fell down on their job protecting him and his rights--can fuck off so hard that eighteen generations in both directions feel violated.  They can all fuck off with a cricket bat coated in broken glass and rusty barbed wire, then soaked in hydrochloric acid. 

May every acquaintance in your life find out about your spiritual halitosis and abandon you right when you need them most.  May you lose your job, your home, and your family over this despicable fucking attempt.  May you contract brain rot, crotch rot, and die a slow, painful death. 

And may you all be deported to communist China to learn exactly why you should be kissing that man's feet instead of trying to exhume his wife and steal his home.

Friday, June 15, 2012


I've been griping for a long time about the way my students feel entitled to excellent grades without putting in the work.  It gets on my nerves something awful, and I know I'm not the only one.  Most real teachers--the ones that care about imparting knowledge, rather than just the paycheck, benefits, and the summer vacation--hate that attitude, too.  Why else would one have given a commencement address telling students that they're not that special, after all? 

Whose fault is it?  It's not the teachers' fault: the kids arrive in our class with the entitlement mentality already in place.  It's not the child-rearing experts' fault: they don't raise the kids, they just try to justify their own jobs by coming up with new theories.

It's the parents.  Parents are the ones who are so blinded by love for their little sprogs that they buy into the self-esteem boosting BS the "experts" shovel.  Parents are the ones who seem to feel that their child's "special snowflake" perfection illustrates just what wonderful parents they are.  And when all that is pushed aside, parents are the ones that just don't want to deal with the meltdowns when their kid loses a game, doesn't earn a good grade after being told how smart and perfect they are, or doesn't get that toy they wanted.

I love my kids dearly.  I love them too much to let them turn into selfish, self-centered, irritating little entitled monsters.  That means I have to be the bad guy, sometimes.  No, I don't like it, but that is what being a parent--an adult--is about.

It's why I don't like most kids I see/meet out in public: most of the parents either are afraid of harming their delicate little children's delicate little egos, or they don't want to be bothered with doing the hard work, and dealing with the fallout of "no."  Or both.

Well-intentioned, selfish, lazy parents.  They can fuck off. 

Friday, June 8, 2012

Is it Friday again?

Bozos who let their over-excited 11 year old son wave what sounded like a 9mm around can FTFO.  That kind of "teaching" is going to get somebody hurt, and make gun-owners look bad as parents.

The media can FTFO.  For the same reasons as always.

Google can FTFO for celebrating the anniversary of the first drive-in movie theater instead of the more important anniversary: D-Day.

Nursemaid's elbow can definitely FTFO.  Again.  It's hard when you've accidentally harmed your little one in the course of keeping her from harming herself worse.  It's even harder when you have to hurt your little one trying to put the dislocation back in place, and can't.  (It took the doctor three tries to get it.)  So yeah, nursemaid's elbow can FTFO.  With knobs.  And cheez.

Friday, June 1, 2012


Got a list, today.
  • Forgetting what day it is...
  • Feeling like someone ran over me with a Caterpillar, and having an ant invasion that requires every crumb to be wiped/swept up before the hoard already in my house go get all of their friends...
  • Having to leave everything undone because I promised to take the kids up to visit their granny (though, I did get homemade chicken & dumplings out of the deal)...
All of that, can FTFO.  With cheese.

Friday, May 25, 2012

using children

Last night, Odysseus and I ran to Wal-Mart to pick up a last couple of things before going to visit the grandparents tomorrow (the imp will be spending two nights, because Grandma and Grandpa don't want to give him back early Saturday, since Odysseus is working Saturday afternoon).  On our way into the parking lot, we saw one of our little town's semi-professional panhandlers--you know, the ones that are there every day, right around rush hours, but disappear when the traffic does. 

She had a small boy with her. 


To all those who use children to justify whatever new tax/infringement on our rights and freedoms they want to force on us.  To all who use children to cause a spouse pain during fights, divorce, or against an ex-spouse they want revenge on for whatever reason.  To those who bring their retarded children and make them sit and look pitiful to get more money in fundraisers.  To those who can easily leave a child in a church-sponsored free after school program, but choose instead to make the child sit next to them on a sidewalk (and probably cry on command under threat of later beatings).

Fuck.  You.  All. 

May everyone who fucks children over in the name of forwarding their own agenda--whether it happens to be political or personal--find that whatever they're using their children backfires so hard that they wonder what hit them.  May the twatwaffles using their children to hurt their spouse/ex-spouse/parent have their offspring choose their retirement home, after they've seen the manipulation.  May those who have used their children to raise money, either for charities or in panhandling, lose those children to state care. 

May each and every person who even contemplates using a child for their own personal/political gain be driven to suck-start a twelve gauge.

Friday, May 18, 2012

We missed one last week. Everybody's busy. Well, fuck off to Friday meetings. Not today, last week and next week (and alternate weeks). Thank God it's not every week, I don't think I could take that.

Friday, May 4, 2012


I totally forgot to post the FFOT over here last week.  I've been posting them both at my blog, The Anti-Soma, and here for a while, and last week I just completely forgot. 

Granted, I was just getting over a monster, week-long migraine, but still.

First, one big HOORAY!!! for my imp.  He's gone 3 weeks without #2 in his pull-up, and has had only two wet ones in the whole week.  Next: big boy underpants!  And he's going to get to choose them.

HOA boards can fuck right the fucking fuckety fuck off.  The ones that aren't thieves are needle-dicked regulation-touting joy-killing fuckwads that hate vets and/or children, and use their "agreement" to try to compensate for a lack of sexual prowess and/or ability.

Trends in higher education can fuck off.  I'm getting the distinct impression that I'm going to have to totally rebuild my class site every semester, while my students are starting the classwork.  I'm also getting the impression that my required class size is going to increase by 10 or 20 slots per class, bringing me up to 70-90 students per semester, without a concomitant raise in pay--or permitted grading turnaround times.

End of semester attitude in some students can fuck off.  You didn't turn this paper in on time the first time, hadn't just had a baby as an excuse (like one of your classmates), so why the fucking FUCK would you think you could just go "Oh, and here's that paper that was due before Spring Break" and have any FUCKING expectation that I would fucking be fucking willing to fucking grade it?  No, your well-earned 0 stays.

Headaches can FTFO.  With cheez.

Friday, April 20, 2012


I caught one of my students plagiarizing.  Not just a little, but pretty egregiously.

Then, she had the solid brass ones to tell me it was my fault that she was failing the class, that I wasn't being fair to her.  Then, she told me she was going to go to my boss with one of her classmates that also has a grudge, and they were going to complain and get my decisions (and grades) overturned.

She can fuck off so hard that five generations on either side of her feel violated.  I did not force her to copy a paper from a website, add the class-required header, remove the works cited, and claim it as her own work.  I did my best on keeping my cool, didn't descend to the invective I was strongly tempted to unleash on her, and pointed out that the university policy both defines and sets the consequences for plagiarism, and that she acknowledged that at the beginning of the semester.

She then got even more outraged and went off again, with more verbal abuse--making sure I knew that she had it far harder in her life (lost her husband at 22--lucky bastard doesn't have to put up with her anymore) than anyone else could possibly  have had, and I had no right to suddenly tell her she'd failed a class she paid money for, and I couldn't possibly prove that she'd cheated because she'd never bought a paper.

No, the stupid cunt took one from a free site, and the whole fucking paper popped up when I searched a sentence that was far beyond her writing skills.

She did shut up when I sent her the link.

Okay, sweetie--let me get a few things off my chest: fuck you.   Fuck you, fuck your threat, fuck your plagiarism, fuck your complete inability to follow the rules of readability.  Fuck your emails with one sentence that was six fucking inches long.  Fuck your emails with no capital letters.  Fuck your use of textspeak in your email.  Fuck your defensiveness, and your attempts to try to turn it back on me as my fault.  Fuck your attempts to bully me into giving you an A for a fucking paper you didn't fucking write.  Fuck you for fucking making me fucking dread fucking opening my fucking email for the past fucking day and a fucking half.  Fuck you for fucking existing, you self-centered, fucking stupid, fucking lazy fucking ass cunt.  I don't fucking care that your fucking cousin died, or that you fucking took in her twelve year old daughter--ask for a fucking extension on the fucking paper, instead of fucking ripping off someone else's fucking work, as well as my fucking time all fucking semester.  I fucking grant fucking extensions in circumstances like that. 

May this be the last straw that boots your fucking worthless fucking lazy fucking self out of college.  And may your children, and any child coming into your care, become fucking sterile so that they can't pass your fucking genetics, or pass on your fucking example to future generations of slackers and thieves.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Judge not.

I'm in a much better mood this morning than I have been the last several Fridays, so invective will be lighter than usual.  But I am seriously cheesed off by the whole debacle about Ann Romney "never having worked a day in her life."

Feminazis can FTFO.  With broken glass and rancid habanero cheez. 

I have actually been told, by radical feminists in grad school, that I was betraying the sisterhood by taking Odysseus's last name when we got married.  I've been told that the only valid choice for me, as a woman, was going on for my PhD (which I don't want), and looking for a full time position in an English department (also don't want), and possibly going into administration (really don't want--I teach because I love teaching, not because that's the hurdle to working in Academia, and admin doesn't have time to teach), because we can't have a man telling us what to do!   I had more than one radical feminist tell me that my hobbies were wrong because they were traditional women's work (wrong--knitting was a man's work while he was watching the sheep). 

So, yeah: Feminazis can FTFO.  Susan B. Anthony would be ashamed of the lot of them.

Friday, April 6, 2012

More Speshul Snowflakes

Too emotionally exhausted by temper tantrum.  Go to my post here for your Friday insanity.

Friday, March 30, 2012

racist idiots

Racism, and the idiots that propagate it--Al Sharpton, Jessee Jackson, and every thug wannabe gangsta I've ever met, no matter what color they are?  Yeah, I mean you--can fuck off so hard their mommas will feel it and slap the dog shit out of them.  When this country goes down, and the sane, rational people of ever color rise up and hunt down your worthless asses, it isn't the white man's fault.  It's yours.  We are getting so fucking sick and tired of being branded as racists (and/or race traitors) because the majority of us don't fucking care for fucking criminal behavior, nor for the fucking criminals that behave that way.  Trayvon Martin, that used to mean you.  George Zimmerman is a perfect example of someone who's seen as non-white (despite having a white father and white name) who got sick of fucking criminals and fucking criminal behavior, and joined a neighborhood watch to do his best to try to curtail it. 

I'm fucking sick of being branded a fucking racist for fucking failing students I've never even fucking seen.  They don't do the work?  They fail the class.  If I've never fucking seen them, how the fuck am I supposed to know they're black?  I've seen white kids with black names, and I've seen white kids that write just like black kids talk. 

I'm really fucking angry because fucking somebody failed those kids, somebody was fucking racist in failing those kids, and the fucking way they went about it, those kids blame me for holding them to the same fucking standards that I fucking hold everybody to.  Not fucking holding some kids to the same fucking standards because, well, they're black (or Hispanic, or whatever), and they've been disadvantaged, and it wouldn't be fair, is fucking racist. 

So, yeah: racism, and the fucking fucktard fuckstick fuckknuckles that propagate it can fuck right the fucking fuckety fuck off.

Friday, March 23, 2012


I fucking HATE those fucking tiny little, black fucking ants that you JUST CAN'T FUCKING KEEP THE FUCKING FUCKETY FUCK OUT OF THE FUCKING HOUSE!!!  We've sprayed, and sprayed, and fucking sprayed around the foundation, and around the fucking windows, and around everywhere we FUCKING SEE THE LITTLE FUCKERS, AND WE STILL FUCKING CAN'T FUCKING KEEP THEM OUT OF THE FUCKING HOUSE!!!

I do my best to keep food up off the floor, and off the counters.  Currently, they're being attracted to a few places: the cat's food (which we can't spray near, because while she's the most worthless cat in the world, we love her anyway), where the cat's been crapping on the floor, where the toddlers drop food where I can't fucking reach, even with the wand extender on the vacuum hose (behind the couch, down the vents, etc), and, weirdest of all, the imp's diaper genie.

So, ants.  Ants can fuck off.  With  FUCKING BURNING FUCKING sun lasers focused through fucking magnifying glasses held in the sweaty hands of sadistic little bastards giggling as they send the fucking little fucking pests up in fucking teeny-tiny fucking puffs of fucking smoke.   

I'm really beginning to fucking hate squirrels, too.  We find where they've fucking chewed through the eaves to get into the attic, repair those spots, and the next FUCKING week, those fucking little fucking buck-fucking-toothed fucking rodents have fucking chewed through another fucking spot in the fucking eaves.  And then start fucking chewing on the fucking house in the fucking attic.

So, squirrels.  Squirrels can fuck right the fucking fuckety fuck off.  I fucking wish to God I lived outside city limits so I could start fucking thinning out the fucking population of those fucking fuzzy fucking buck-fucking-toothed fucking rats.  I hate to even fucking imagine the fucking damage they're fucking doing to my fucking house.  

Fucking politicians don't fucking piss me the fuck off nearly as fucking bad as those two fucking types of fucking pests.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Urgh. Exhausted.

Posted over at anti-soma last night, then went to bed and passed out.  Forgot to schedule it to pop up here. 

Rant away if you feel like it.

Friday, March 9, 2012

the special snowflake self-esteem movement. Oh, and government efficiency.

Okay.  Let's start this ball rolling with the state of Michigan.  Because, apparently, it's so badly FUCKING inefficient that FUCKING MILLION DOLLAR FUCKING lotto winners are FUCKING SOMEHOW STILL FUCKING ELIGIBLE FOR FUCKING FOOD STAMPS!!! It's fucking happened, not fucking once, but fucking twice!! No fucking wonder everybody that fucking can is fucking bailing on that fucking state like fucking rats from a fucking sinking ship!!  If it's not fucking letting the fucking bums suck the fucking life out of the damn taxpayers, it's fucking deliberately harming children through the fucking education and/or fucking child fucking illfare programs. 

May the government of the fucking state of fucking Michigan wake up one morning to find the fucking lake effect has fucking buried their entire fucking state in a fucking blanket of fucking blue fucking snow from fucking airline toilets.  May every rat in the nation descend upon their state capitol--wait...that would be Illinois and Chicago...may every flea from every rat in the nation descend upon the fucking cockfarts fucking running the state into the ground and cause fucking incurable fucking rash that drives them fucking insane.

As for the fucking "every one is a special, special snowflake!" self-esteem movement...the originators of said diseased anal fungal ooze of an idea can fuck off so hard their grandparents feel violated, and hunt them down to bitch-slap the fucking dog shit out of them.  Why?  Because 24 year old Michigan million-dollar lottery winner Amanda Clay feels she is FUCKING ENTITLED to FUCKING keep FUCKING receiving FUCKING FOOD STAMPS BECAUSE THE FUCKING LITTLE TWATSPITTLE THUNDERCUNT DOESN'T HAVE A FUCKING INCOME.  She FUCKING owns TWO FUCKING HOUSES, but somehow FUCKING CAN'T FUCKING AFFORD TO FUCKING FEED HERSELF!!!!

And Amanda Clay can fuck the fucking fuckety fuck off.  May any future prospective lover take one look at her and flip her over because he's too certain that fucking her twat would be like throwing a fucking hotdog down a fucking hallway

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Earning the title. Again.

A good friend of mine says that black people aren't born niggers--they have to earn the title.  And the Obamas have done it again.  How?  Here's the First Wookie's contribution.  As for her 6'1" hot-air powered limp-dicked dildo...well..."The Obama administration’s proposed defense budget calls for military families and retirees to pay sharply more for their healthcare, while leaving unionized civilian defense workers’ benefits untouched."

Umm...come again?  I seem to have misunderstood.  Or at least I hope I did.   Did that sonofafuckingbitch just fucking CUT the fucking medical insurance for our soldiers, vets, and families?  While fucking leaving the fucking union benefits the fuck alone? 

Actually, that really is pretty much it.  And that means--yep, you guessed it--The Obamoron can fuck right the fucking fuck off.  Bent over a rough cut rail fence with splinters the size of Chihuahuas prodding what bits he may still have, after having had two children with that toothed maw of a thundercunt he married.  With a chainsaw-powered, six inch thick (with an eight inch thick knob on the end), eighteen inch long, jagged glass dildo dipped in rancid habanero nacho cheez sauce for lube. 

May that cock-sucking, camel-munching, jug-eared Muslim ass-muppet twatwaffle pretending to be President wake up to find his fucking fat-assed fucking foodie fucking hypocrite of a fucking used fucking wanking tissue of a she-beast has gotten hungry in the night and eaten what she'd fucking left him of his fucking manhood as a light snack.  May he find that every cup of civet-cat coffee he ever drinks still has the fucking turds floating in it (not that he'd notice, being that he is one himself).  May he find, after he leaves office and loses his Secret Service, that no one wants to kill him because he's just that contemptible.

I wouldn't piss on him if he was on fire.

Chime in.  Tell the world what you'd like to tell to fuck off.  With cheese. 

Friday, February 24, 2012


Vague maladies with no symptoms other than whole body aches, headaches, and low fever can FTFO.

I don't feel up to posting much more than this, so the floor is yours.  What's getting on your tits today?

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Nanny-state, cradle-to-grave, pseudo-parental government

Government that thinks they know better than we do what's best for us, in everything from what we're allowed to eat, to what our children learn, to what we feed our children, to how we discipline our children, to whether or not we have to have a Cadillac health care plan, when we'd rather have a bare-bones Honda Civic plan and pay for the method of contraception of our choice (or not) and choose what's covered (or not), to what treatment we're allowed to have, can fuck off so hard that every other government in the fucking world can feel it.  I am so sick of the puritanical "we think that's bad for you, so we're going to legislate against it (or otherwise socially engineer against it)" attitude that I could spit.  Especially when "bad" is morally bad, when the fuckers don't have any fucking morals to begin with.

And I hope my glob of spit drowns some endangered bug, just to piss off some enviroweenie PETArd.  Because the EPA thinking they can get off telling American citizens what they can and can't do with their own private property--without even the courtesy of purchasing said property from the individual--can also fuck off.

I'm a little sick of the government, right now.  Especially after learning a bit more about Santorum earlier in the evening.  I am most definitely writing in Herman Cain in the general election.  Fuck this distinction without a difference that the lamebrain mainstream media has foisted upon us

Friday, February 10, 2012

A list.

I have several, this week:

  • Migraines.
  • Grading
  • Migraines when I have grading to do.
  • Special snowflakes that squawk about how they don't understand an assignment, so they didn't do it.  
  • Special snowflakes that don't read the textbook before squawking about not understanding an assignment, so they didn't do it. 
  • Special snowflakes that wonder why they got a zero on that assignment that they didn't read the chapter over, didn't understand, and didn't do (see a theme here, people?  There's more than one of them.  There's more than two.  I've got seven out of forty-six enrolled.)
  • The idiot judge that set Jerry Sandusky's bail at anything less than half a billion dollars.  
  • Teachers, babysitters, and daycare workers that molest their charges.  If anyone wonders why I don't put my kids in daycare, or leave them with a babysitter...explain to me exactly how you can.
  • The current totalitarian regime in Washington, D.C., and their discriminatory actions against the majority of U.S. citizens in their trampling of the first, second, fourth, and fifth amendments.
I think that's it for me.  Go ahead and have at it.  What's bugging you?

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Friday, February 3, 2012

For a sick friend...

Overly-pessimistic medical staff can FTFO.  When my imp was born, eight weeks early, doctors told me I wouldn't be able to take him home until his due date.  The nurses told me more honestly that he'd have to meet certain standards of growth, and there'd be advances and setbacks, but that it was entirely possible he'd be able to come home sooner than the beginning of December.

Stephen, of Standing Outside Looking In, has been in the hospital for a while, now--untreated puncture wound getting infected, then getting gangrene (treatable, but painful), so he can use prayers from anyone who prays, and good, healing thoughts from the rest of us--and has a way to go.  A doctor recently told him he's got three months before he'll be totally better.

That can FTFO.  Yes, it's going to be a long and painful road, but that long?  I doubt it, not with all of the loving family he's got, and all of the friends he's got both in real life and online, praying for him.

I understand that the docs are trying not to get our hopes up, but I think that's as damaging to recovery as expecting too much of ourselves while we're sick.  I think doctors need to remember that most of us don't have the same kind of expertise that lets them tell when another doctor is feeding them a line of bull while they're sick, and give us a more realistic timetable, as well as the worst case scenario.

I wonder if it's also partially motivated by a fear of lawsuits?

The other FO I had for his sake will be resolved tonight: they hadn't let his beautiful and angelic five year old granddaughter do more than poke her head in for a couple of minutes.  Tonight they get a good visit that includes a good, long hug.

Posted over at the anti-soma, like usual.

Friday, January 27, 2012


Who does Romney think he is? Barack Obama?

Seriously, I remember him saying what Santorum paraphrases him as saying.  Romneycare is the same damn thing as Obamacare, just on a smaller scale (and it's failing there, too).  And it is worth getting angry about--it's what the country is angry about.  We don't want mandatory Medicaid, Mr. Romney, and electing you is going to make sure we keep it, because that's exactly what you signed into law in the once-proud state of Massachusetts. 

I seriously don't know how, with how much he obviously loves his hair, he managed to get his head crammed so far up his rectum that he's licking his own tonsils.  And he, and the amphibian can fuck off, with cheez, for helping the establishment eject the candidates that really represent the majority of the American people, and forcing us to choose runny, thick, or crunchy for the shit sandwich we're being served come November.

As usual, this has been cross-posted over at the anti-soma.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Lost week...

Losing track of time can definitely fuck off.  I thought I had another week before classes started (and I didn't--they started last Monday, not next Monday)--last week's back and forth between my town and the small city where my mother was in the hospital is, I think, to blame for that. 

Another thing irritating me is the weather: it's bouncing around like a bouncy ball thrown at a cement floor by a three year old.  We've been having small cold fronts come through nearly every day, then it warms back up the next day.  It's playing hell with my knee (which I haven't had much trouble with since my son was born), and my hands (which I think I may be developing issues with). 

Last, but not least, not having trusted babysitting truly sucks.  My .22 upper for my STI (a Kimber) came on Tuesday, and I have no idea when I'll be able to get to the range. :( 

Cross-posted at the anti-soma, as usual.

Friday, January 13, 2012

again, the distance learning course redesign crap

I can't get into my course site until Monday to see how they've redesigned it, and can't rework/revise my textbook until I see how badly my course is FUBARed.

I will admit that most of the distance learning teachers suck: they don't pay attention to their course material once they've set it up, don't pay attention to how their students are doing in the course work, don't pay attention to course site foul-ups, and don't answer emails from students. I don't really blame the distance learning department for taking over the courses to try to force more attention and contact from the crap teachers.

That said, collective punishment (i.e., punishing those of us who do a good job with the same treatment as those who do the crap jobs) never works. Distance learning can fuck off for trying it, and those creeps that sign up to teach but don't teach can fuck off for ruining it for those of us that tweak our course each semester to better serve the students, and answer emails within twelve hours (or less) of getting them.

I'm not sure it's worth the extra money they pay me.

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Friday, January 6, 2012

My left ovary

I swear it's trying to claw its way out of my body. It's sending random, shooting pains through my entire pelvis and down my left leg. It can fuck off. With prejudice.