Friday, May 25, 2012

using children

Last night, Odysseus and I ran to Wal-Mart to pick up a last couple of things before going to visit the grandparents tomorrow (the imp will be spending two nights, because Grandma and Grandpa don't want to give him back early Saturday, since Odysseus is working Saturday afternoon).  On our way into the parking lot, we saw one of our little town's semi-professional panhandlers--you know, the ones that are there every day, right around rush hours, but disappear when the traffic does. 

She had a small boy with her. 


To all those who use children to justify whatever new tax/infringement on our rights and freedoms they want to force on us.  To all who use children to cause a spouse pain during fights, divorce, or against an ex-spouse they want revenge on for whatever reason.  To those who bring their retarded children and make them sit and look pitiful to get more money in fundraisers.  To those who can easily leave a child in a church-sponsored free after school program, but choose instead to make the child sit next to them on a sidewalk (and probably cry on command under threat of later beatings).

Fuck.  You.  All. 

May everyone who fucks children over in the name of forwarding their own agenda--whether it happens to be political or personal--find that whatever they're using their children backfires so hard that they wonder what hit them.  May the twatwaffles using their children to hurt their spouse/ex-spouse/parent have their offspring choose their retirement home, after they've seen the manipulation.  May those who have used their children to raise money, either for charities or in panhandling, lose those children to state care. 

May each and every person who even contemplates using a child for their own personal/political gain be driven to suck-start a twelve gauge.

Friday, May 18, 2012

We missed one last week. Everybody's busy. Well, fuck off to Friday meetings. Not today, last week and next week (and alternate weeks). Thank God it's not every week, I don't think I could take that.

Friday, May 4, 2012


I totally forgot to post the FFOT over here last week.  I've been posting them both at my blog, The Anti-Soma, and here for a while, and last week I just completely forgot. 

Granted, I was just getting over a monster, week-long migraine, but still.

First, one big HOORAY!!! for my imp.  He's gone 3 weeks without #2 in his pull-up, and has had only two wet ones in the whole week.  Next: big boy underpants!  And he's going to get to choose them.

HOA boards can fuck right the fucking fuckety fuck off.  The ones that aren't thieves are needle-dicked regulation-touting joy-killing fuckwads that hate vets and/or children, and use their "agreement" to try to compensate for a lack of sexual prowess and/or ability.

Trends in higher education can fuck off.  I'm getting the distinct impression that I'm going to have to totally rebuild my class site every semester, while my students are starting the classwork.  I'm also getting the impression that my required class size is going to increase by 10 or 20 slots per class, bringing me up to 70-90 students per semester, without a concomitant raise in pay--or permitted grading turnaround times.

End of semester attitude in some students can fuck off.  You didn't turn this paper in on time the first time, hadn't just had a baby as an excuse (like one of your classmates), so why the fucking FUCK would you think you could just go "Oh, and here's that paper that was due before Spring Break" and have any FUCKING expectation that I would fucking be fucking willing to fucking grade it?  No, your well-earned 0 stays.

Headaches can FTFO.  With cheez.