Friday, July 26, 2013

debt collectors

My mother and several friends have had major issues with debt collectors.  Watching their struggles prompted us to pay ours all off, and ditch the credit cards. 

Debt collectors are sub-human at best, with spiritual halitosis that reeks of the blood of their victims.  At worst, they're a wart inside the anus of the world (that being telemarketers in general). 

Friday, July 19, 2013

My dog

My dog.  My dog can fuck off.  I love her to pieces, but she has shit in her crate every FUCKING morning this week. 

Friday, July 12, 2013

radical feminism

I've been trying to find something to send off this week, and then I ran across an article: there's been a study of whether or not ADHD drugs actually translate to improved grades and classroom performance (it doesn't).  But there was a figure that had me grinding my teeth--"277 boys and 93 girls were diagnosed with ADHD" out of a group of 5,700 children entered in the study.

Almost three times as many little boys diagnosed as not behaving like little girls in the classroom, sitting quietly and absorbing knowledge like well-behaved little sponges, who are then drugged into acting like a zombie.  Just because they're different from little girls. 

Radical feminism, and the idea the boys and girls are exactly the same can fuck right the fucking fuckety fuck off with a triple-sized cricket bat studded with rusty nails, broken glass, and razor wire jammed sideways somewhere dark, humid, and fragrant.

Boys are completely different from girls, and not just physically.  Nor are the differences socially constructed.   Boys run.  They jump.  They wiggle.  They're loud.  My son is exactly that way, but is not ADHD, despite his doctor suggesting he might be.  When he's interested in something, he can sit down quietly and focus on it for almost an hour at a time (and yes, that does include "reading," but he's kinda unique in that).  He's not quite five years old, so I find that incredibly impressive. 

Another reason radical feminsim can fuck the fuck off is because of pushing the concept of a complete lack of responsibility for women.  I know, right?  A movement that's supposed to argue for equality is trying to infantilize women.  That can definitely fuck off.  It's the root of the abortion movement, the root of no-fault divorce, and the honest root of the rise of the rise of obesity.

So, yeah.  Radical feminism can fuck off.

Friday, July 5, 2013

government overreach

I have two things on my list, this morning.  First: MassachusettsAgain.  Can fuck off with a cricket bat studded with rusty nails.  TJIC needs help, and definitely needs to move to a free country.

Second: this.  What are these people even doing getting a fucking tax refund in the first place?  They are not supposed to be here at all.  And the IRS has just demonstrated their incompetence by accepting multiple claims all from the same damned address.  And they expect us to believe that they can carry out the implementation of the only thing I've ever seen more complex to our tax code?

I'm so angry about these things that I'm speechless.