Friday, January 25, 2013

almost forgot

Politicians.  Politicians who obviously cannot read, or else are incapable of comprehending what they read.

"A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed."  Simple.  Clean.  Clear.  Easy to understand...unless you're a politician, a judge, or a lawyer.

Arguments have been made that since we now have a standing army, we don't need militias.  Or the words "well regulated," which mean nothing more than that the person behind the gun can hit what they're aiming at, have been misunderstood.  Or the stupid argument that the Founding Fathers did not foresee the advent of automatic weapons.  Or that nothing more than a single-shot bolt-action is necessary for hunting. 

"...shall not be infringed."  Simple.  Clean.  Clear.  Easy to understand...however, judging by every gun control law ever passed, no politician since those who wrote the amendment has understood that that was the part of the amendment that carried the meaning.  Every other clause  before "right" was supportive.  Not definitive.  Not independent.  They aren't what carry the meaning.

King Putt, Nancy Pelosi, Diane Feinstein et. al.,...each and every fucking one of you can fuck off with a rusty cannon barrel.  Fuck off with your illegal and immoral declaration of intent.  Fuck off with your inability to understand simple, clearly written constraints on your personal power while in the employment of the American people.  You fucking fuckwits, how the fucking FUCKETY fuck can you fucking MISUNDERSTAND some of the FUCKING SIMPLEST PART of the FUCKING CONSTITUTION?  What FUCKING PART of "SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED" IS SO FUCKING IMPOSSIBLE to FUCKING UNDERSTAND?  I'd ask if you were really that fucking retarded, but that's a fucking insult to retarded people. 

Apparently, the best part of their respective fathers' genetic material (what there was of it) either ran down the crack of their mothers' asses to puddle on the bed or dripped out of her ass after their dad couldn't hit the target in the first place...or maybe, in the case of King Putt, got spit in the trash before he was ever conceived. 

I hope each and every one of those queef-bubble cock-stains comes down with a raging case of rectal incontinence every time they consider how best to ass-rape the American citizenry.

Friday, January 18, 2013


I'm sorry I missed last week.  Explosive dihareah and projectile vomiting can FTFO.  My whole family had the stomach flu.  At least the pixie only had the lower complaints, and the imp only the upper.

As for this week...

First off, to the fucking shit-wit that redesigned the course: you are a fucking waste of fucking space, fucking skin, fucking air, and other fucking resources.  You are a so-called female, yet are so fucking badly stricken with spiritual halitosis worse than a dockside whore's dripping cunt after a Saudi ship docks, and a fucking holier-than-thou/smarter-than-everyone attitude that you fucking barely resemble a fucking politician, much less a fucking human being.  Because of you and your fucking abortion of a fucking class design that fucking mistakes fucking bells and fucking whistles for things that actually help students rather than distracting and harming them, our department head is to be added as a teaching assistant to every online class, and must observe/inspect our interactions with the students, as if he is not busy enough teaching, and acting as a buffer between the ass-munching mouth-breathers in admin and his faculty.  And you, you fucking cum-burping gutter-slut wanna-be, you ask in a "reply all" email if he's going to grade your fucking papers?  Who the fucking fuckety fuck do you fucking think you are?  You are a fucking fellow adjunct.  You are a fucking contract employee.  Your whole fucking job is to fucking grade those fucking papers.  Fuck you and your fucking wonderful and innovative ideas, and your fucking wonderful and fucking innovative class.  I hope you contract explosive bleeding from your anus and die a painful and humiliating death in front of your classroom.  I'd wish it on your husband, but you're such a winner that you probably won't have one, and may not even know what a penis looks like outside of a photo or video--unless you have one, which you very well may. 

Second, to the fucking knob-gobbling, cock-riding, pencil-necked fucknugget in charge of distance learning: you, boy, are about half a job-threat away from a bitch-slap with a semi-fresh trout.  There is a proper method by which to file a complaint against a fellow employee of the university.  You did not use it.  Instead of contacting my department head, who happens to be my direct boss, or the dean of arts and sciences (his boss), you took it all the fucking way to one of the myriad fucking uselsess fucking vice presidents that feel that anything that makes the university look bad (especially their own actions) threatens their job and must be silenced, no matter if it is truthful or not.  You cannot seem to handle any kind of truth about your distance learning ideas--things like "this is bad for most of the students because of the way it's designed, and the way it uses too many of the optional tools that Blackboard has"--nor that the reason the course was designed the way it was is because it justifies the use of an overpriced, under-functioning platform, your job, and apparently your very being, you spineless, estrogen-overcharged she-male.  You may fuck off with a razor-wire wrapped cricket bat coated in the rotten ejaculate of pigs (just in case you're Muslim instead of Atheist, like most higher-ups in the university hierarchy) and rolled in broken glass.  May you be ass-plowed by half of the campus rent-a-cops on their golf carts while they're texting and driving.  May your superiors catch on to the fact that you likely cannot turn on a computer without a detailed checklist with pictures--and an assistant--and fire your arrogant, worthless ass.  I cannot make Distance Learning look bad.  You're doing a fine job of that, all by yourself.

Friday, January 4, 2013

I am not rich.

The great zero hiding behind the teleprompter in his own personal Oz stated when he first ran for president and took office that he would not raise taxes on anyone who made under $250,000 per year.

The first thing he did was raise taxes on cigarettes, something disproportionately used by those who make less than $50,000 per year per household. 

Now, he's done worse (as if that's a surprise).  He's raised both taxes on everyone in the country (through cutting a 2% payroll Social Security tax cut) and spending with this "We have to avoid going over the fiscal cliff!!!!" bill.

Say what now? 

Look at this.  The budget before the new law was passed was $3301.91 billion, or a bit over $3 trillion dollars.  The gap between income (from taxes taken from us) and spending was $832 billion dollars.  Now? 

The new budget is $3681.56 billion.  That's about $379.6 billion MORE than what it was.  The gap is larger, too: $1212 billion. 

So, instead of doing something to fix the problem, the idiots in charge have made it worse.  No wonder they don't work in the private sector--they'd have been fired for massive incompetence decades ago.

I am honestly so angry I can't put together a proper rant for this. 

I hope some of you can.