Friday, March 30, 2012

racist idiots

Racism, and the idiots that propagate it--Al Sharpton, Jessee Jackson, and every thug wannabe gangsta I've ever met, no matter what color they are?  Yeah, I mean you--can fuck off so hard their mommas will feel it and slap the dog shit out of them.  When this country goes down, and the sane, rational people of ever color rise up and hunt down your worthless asses, it isn't the white man's fault.  It's yours.  We are getting so fucking sick and tired of being branded as racists (and/or race traitors) because the majority of us don't fucking care for fucking criminal behavior, nor for the fucking criminals that behave that way.  Trayvon Martin, that used to mean you.  George Zimmerman is a perfect example of someone who's seen as non-white (despite having a white father and white name) who got sick of fucking criminals and fucking criminal behavior, and joined a neighborhood watch to do his best to try to curtail it. 

I'm fucking sick of being branded a fucking racist for fucking failing students I've never even fucking seen.  They don't do the work?  They fail the class.  If I've never fucking seen them, how the fuck am I supposed to know they're black?  I've seen white kids with black names, and I've seen white kids that write just like black kids talk. 

I'm really fucking angry because fucking somebody failed those kids, somebody was fucking racist in failing those kids, and the fucking way they went about it, those kids blame me for holding them to the same fucking standards that I fucking hold everybody to.  Not fucking holding some kids to the same fucking standards because, well, they're black (or Hispanic, or whatever), and they've been disadvantaged, and it wouldn't be fair, is fucking racist. 

So, yeah: racism, and the fucking fucktard fuckstick fuckknuckles that propagate it can fuck right the fucking fuckety fuck off.

Friday, March 23, 2012


I fucking HATE those fucking tiny little, black fucking ants that you JUST CAN'T FUCKING KEEP THE FUCKING FUCKETY FUCK OUT OF THE FUCKING HOUSE!!!  We've sprayed, and sprayed, and fucking sprayed around the foundation, and around the fucking windows, and around everywhere we FUCKING SEE THE LITTLE FUCKERS, AND WE STILL FUCKING CAN'T FUCKING KEEP THEM OUT OF THE FUCKING HOUSE!!!

I do my best to keep food up off the floor, and off the counters.  Currently, they're being attracted to a few places: the cat's food (which we can't spray near, because while she's the most worthless cat in the world, we love her anyway), where the cat's been crapping on the floor, where the toddlers drop food where I can't fucking reach, even with the wand extender on the vacuum hose (behind the couch, down the vents, etc), and, weirdest of all, the imp's diaper genie.

So, ants.  Ants can fuck off.  With  FUCKING BURNING FUCKING sun lasers focused through fucking magnifying glasses held in the sweaty hands of sadistic little bastards giggling as they send the fucking little fucking pests up in fucking teeny-tiny fucking puffs of fucking smoke.   

I'm really beginning to fucking hate squirrels, too.  We find where they've fucking chewed through the eaves to get into the attic, repair those spots, and the next FUCKING week, those fucking little fucking buck-fucking-toothed fucking rodents have fucking chewed through another fucking spot in the fucking eaves.  And then start fucking chewing on the fucking house in the fucking attic.

So, squirrels.  Squirrels can fuck right the fucking fuckety fuck off.  I fucking wish to God I lived outside city limits so I could start fucking thinning out the fucking population of those fucking fuzzy fucking buck-fucking-toothed fucking rats.  I hate to even fucking imagine the fucking damage they're fucking doing to my fucking house.  

Fucking politicians don't fucking piss me the fuck off nearly as fucking bad as those two fucking types of fucking pests.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Urgh. Exhausted.

Posted over at anti-soma last night, then went to bed and passed out.  Forgot to schedule it to pop up here. 

Rant away if you feel like it.

Friday, March 9, 2012

the special snowflake self-esteem movement. Oh, and government efficiency.

Okay.  Let's start this ball rolling with the state of Michigan.  Because, apparently, it's so badly FUCKING inefficient that FUCKING MILLION DOLLAR FUCKING lotto winners are FUCKING SOMEHOW STILL FUCKING ELIGIBLE FOR FUCKING FOOD STAMPS!!! It's fucking happened, not fucking once, but fucking twice!! No fucking wonder everybody that fucking can is fucking bailing on that fucking state like fucking rats from a fucking sinking ship!!  If it's not fucking letting the fucking bums suck the fucking life out of the damn taxpayers, it's fucking deliberately harming children through the fucking education and/or fucking child fucking illfare programs. 

May the government of the fucking state of fucking Michigan wake up one morning to find the fucking lake effect has fucking buried their entire fucking state in a fucking blanket of fucking blue fucking snow from fucking airline toilets.  May every rat in the nation descend upon their state capitol--wait...that would be Illinois and Chicago...may every flea from every rat in the nation descend upon the fucking cockfarts fucking running the state into the ground and cause fucking incurable fucking rash that drives them fucking insane.

As for the fucking "every one is a special, special snowflake!" self-esteem movement...the originators of said diseased anal fungal ooze of an idea can fuck off so hard their grandparents feel violated, and hunt them down to bitch-slap the fucking dog shit out of them.  Why?  Because 24 year old Michigan million-dollar lottery winner Amanda Clay feels she is FUCKING ENTITLED to FUCKING keep FUCKING receiving FUCKING FOOD STAMPS BECAUSE THE FUCKING LITTLE TWATSPITTLE THUNDERCUNT DOESN'T HAVE A FUCKING INCOME.  She FUCKING owns TWO FUCKING HOUSES, but somehow FUCKING CAN'T FUCKING AFFORD TO FUCKING FEED HERSELF!!!!

And Amanda Clay can fuck the fucking fuckety fuck off.  May any future prospective lover take one look at her and flip her over because he's too certain that fucking her twat would be like throwing a fucking hotdog down a fucking hallway

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Earning the title. Again.

A good friend of mine says that black people aren't born niggers--they have to earn the title.  And the Obamas have done it again.  How?  Here's the First Wookie's contribution.  As for her 6'1" hot-air powered limp-dicked dildo...well..."The Obama administration’s proposed defense budget calls for military families and retirees to pay sharply more for their healthcare, while leaving unionized civilian defense workers’ benefits untouched."

Umm...come again?  I seem to have misunderstood.  Or at least I hope I did.   Did that sonofafuckingbitch just fucking CUT the fucking medical insurance for our soldiers, vets, and families?  While fucking leaving the fucking union benefits the fuck alone? 

Actually, that really is pretty much it.  And that means--yep, you guessed it--The Obamoron can fuck right the fucking fuck off.  Bent over a rough cut rail fence with splinters the size of Chihuahuas prodding what bits he may still have, after having had two children with that toothed maw of a thundercunt he married.  With a chainsaw-powered, six inch thick (with an eight inch thick knob on the end), eighteen inch long, jagged glass dildo dipped in rancid habanero nacho cheez sauce for lube. 

May that cock-sucking, camel-munching, jug-eared Muslim ass-muppet twatwaffle pretending to be President wake up to find his fucking fat-assed fucking foodie fucking hypocrite of a fucking used fucking wanking tissue of a she-beast has gotten hungry in the night and eaten what she'd fucking left him of his fucking manhood as a light snack.  May he find that every cup of civet-cat coffee he ever drinks still has the fucking turds floating in it (not that he'd notice, being that he is one himself).  May he find, after he leaves office and loses his Secret Service, that no one wants to kill him because he's just that contemptible.

I wouldn't piss on him if he was on fire.

Chime in.  Tell the world what you'd like to tell to fuck off.  With cheese.