Friday, June 29, 2012

Chief Justice John Roberts

Dear sir,

Sir, your spiritual halitosis stinks of queef.  You obviously never had friends in elementary school, not without your parents having to pay for them. 

I'd say you are a fucking retard, but that fucking insults retards.  They, unlike you, are (if they are capable of holding a job at all) competent enough to know what their fucking job fucking expects of them.  You are a stupid fucking arrogant cock-snorking lawyer who apparently can't fucking read.  If you were fucking competent enough to fucking READ the FUCKING CONSTITUTION, you'd FUCKING KNOW your FUCKING JOB is to FUCKING UNDO FUCKING ILLEGAL AND FUCKING UNCONSTITUTIONAL FUCKING LEGISLATION, no matter how hard the ass-breathed fucksticks who drafted them fucking worked on them, nor how fucking long it fucking took.  If you could fucking READ your FUCKING JOB DESCRIPTION (not to MENTION the FUCKING FOUNDATION DOCUMENT FOR OUR FUCKING LAWS) you would have fucking voted AGAINST the fucking ASS-RAPE of a law that YOUR FUCKING VOTE FUCKING VIOLATED US WITH. 

May the fleas of a million camels infest your genetalia.  May your wife choose to kick you out of bed for the rest of your marriage.  May you fuck off with a extra-large cricket bat coated in superglue, glass shards, rusty barbed wire, and broken razor blades, so that you may know exactly the pain that you have inflicted upon the nation you are sworn to serve. 

Why don't you attempt to print off that law, roll it up, and shove it up your ass?


75% of The American People who Didn't Want Mandatory Medicaid

Friday, June 22, 2012

Gibbering, incoherent rage-inducing FFOT, this week.

I read a story linked from TinCan Assassin's blog on Monday.  It's taken me this long for the shock to wear off, and to get past the incoherent, gibbering rage it caused.

Seems a WWII hero recently lost his wife to cancer.  They fought it, but ultimately lost.  She's buried next to their home, and he was planning to join her when he passed, but something happened.  The medical bills had spiraled so high that he wasn't able to pay them, and declared bankruptcy.

They want to take his house, because he didn't list his retirement fund (a collection of gold and silver coins) in his assets.  He didn't understand the explanations of what he was supposed to do, and now they want to force him to exhume his wife and go die in a ditch.

To heap more trouble on this poor old man's head, he's got prostate cancer, and likely won't live much longer, anyway.

To the lawyers trying to take this old man's home and life: You fucking slimy fucking extrusions from a fucking politician's soiled and diseased nether regions.  How fucking dare you fucking destroy what's left of this man's life.  How fucking dare you fucking try to fucking force this hero from the home he fucking fought for?  Every lawyer in this case--including the veteran's lawyers who fell down on their job protecting him and his rights--can fuck off so hard that eighteen generations in both directions feel violated.  They can all fuck off with a cricket bat coated in broken glass and rusty barbed wire, then soaked in hydrochloric acid. 

May every acquaintance in your life find out about your spiritual halitosis and abandon you right when you need them most.  May you lose your job, your home, and your family over this despicable fucking attempt.  May you contract brain rot, crotch rot, and die a slow, painful death. 

And may you all be deported to communist China to learn exactly why you should be kissing that man's feet instead of trying to exhume his wife and steal his home.

Friday, June 15, 2012


I've been griping for a long time about the way my students feel entitled to excellent grades without putting in the work.  It gets on my nerves something awful, and I know I'm not the only one.  Most real teachers--the ones that care about imparting knowledge, rather than just the paycheck, benefits, and the summer vacation--hate that attitude, too.  Why else would one have given a commencement address telling students that they're not that special, after all? 

Whose fault is it?  It's not the teachers' fault: the kids arrive in our class with the entitlement mentality already in place.  It's not the child-rearing experts' fault: they don't raise the kids, they just try to justify their own jobs by coming up with new theories.

It's the parents.  Parents are the ones who are so blinded by love for their little sprogs that they buy into the self-esteem boosting BS the "experts" shovel.  Parents are the ones who seem to feel that their child's "special snowflake" perfection illustrates just what wonderful parents they are.  And when all that is pushed aside, parents are the ones that just don't want to deal with the meltdowns when their kid loses a game, doesn't earn a good grade after being told how smart and perfect they are, or doesn't get that toy they wanted.

I love my kids dearly.  I love them too much to let them turn into selfish, self-centered, irritating little entitled monsters.  That means I have to be the bad guy, sometimes.  No, I don't like it, but that is what being a parent--an adult--is about.

It's why I don't like most kids I see/meet out in public: most of the parents either are afraid of harming their delicate little children's delicate little egos, or they don't want to be bothered with doing the hard work, and dealing with the fallout of "no."  Or both.

Well-intentioned, selfish, lazy parents.  They can fuck off. 

Friday, June 8, 2012

Is it Friday again?

Bozos who let their over-excited 11 year old son wave what sounded like a 9mm around can FTFO.  That kind of "teaching" is going to get somebody hurt, and make gun-owners look bad as parents.

The media can FTFO.  For the same reasons as always.

Google can FTFO for celebrating the anniversary of the first drive-in movie theater instead of the more important anniversary: D-Day.

Nursemaid's elbow can definitely FTFO.  Again.  It's hard when you've accidentally harmed your little one in the course of keeping her from harming herself worse.  It's even harder when you have to hurt your little one trying to put the dislocation back in place, and can't.  (It took the doctor three tries to get it.)  So yeah, nursemaid's elbow can FTFO.  With knobs.  And cheez.

Friday, June 1, 2012


Got a list, today.
  • Forgetting what day it is...
  • Feeling like someone ran over me with a Caterpillar, and having an ant invasion that requires every crumb to be wiped/swept up before the hoard already in my house go get all of their friends...
  • Having to leave everything undone because I promised to take the kids up to visit their granny (though, I did get homemade chicken & dumplings out of the deal)...
All of that, can FTFO.  With cheese.