Friday, June 28, 2013


Sudden onset ear pain can fuck off.  I can't focus on much.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Brainless idiots

Not just any brainless idiots.  Brainless idiots who do things they're afraid of to prove a point, and try to take rights away from the rest of us.

Like Heidi Yewman.  From her essay on Ms Magazine blog:
What’s got me jittery this morning is the 9mm Glock that’s holstered on my hip. Me, lead gun policy protester at the 2010 Starbuck’s shareholder meeting. Me, a board member of the Brady Campaign. Me, the author of a book about the impact of gun violence, Beyond the Bullet.
Okay.  If you're so shit scared of a fucking tool that can't do anything evil without an evil mind wielding it, why the fuck did you buy it?  And what are you going to do with it?  There is absofuckinglutely no fucking reason you have to have a gun.  Most criminals in concealed carry states are not going to attack you for fear that you might be carrying...because, chances are, there are those who will be, and the criminal can't tell the difference.
Yes, I bought a handgun and will carry it everywhere I go over the next 30 days. I have four rules: Carry it with me at all times, follow the laws of my state, only do what is minimally required for permits, licensing, purchasing and carrying, and finally be prepared to use it for protecting myself at home or in public.
Why? Following the Newtown massacre in December, the NRA’s Wayne LaPierre, told the country, “The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.”  I wondered what would it be like to be that good guy with a gun? What would it be like to get that gun, live with that gun, be out and about with that gun. Finally, what happens when you don’t want that gun any more?
 Oh.  You're a fucking mouth-breathing, hysterical female, engaging in histronics to prove a point that does not exist.  You, you fucking retarded twatwaffle-eating twunt, are the  perfect embodiment of a liberal talking point. 

Let me answer your questions: first, the Newton massacre happened because you and other idiots like you who are shit-scared of any fucking thing you are incapable of understanding, and have no desire to try to change that, forcibly disarm any who would protect the innocent from fucking nuts like Lanza.  Second, it feels damn good to be the good guy with the gun--if you have anything even remotely similar to a logical mind, you'd fucking realize that a gun plus a bit of education and training with it, grants a warm feeling of security.  Getting a gun begets a feeling of giddy glee because Yay!  New Gun!  Living with the gun is like living with a purse full of tools like a set of car keys (far, far more dangerous, you stupid shit-eating leftist cunt), a wallet with ID and cash and/or credit cards, and maybe a small flashlight.  What happens when you want to get rid of that gun is you take it to a licensed dealer, sell it, and walk out with about half of what you spent buying it.  He (or she) will then sell your gun to someone else who has to fill out a background check before they can buy it.
Getting the permit to carry a concealed weapon was simple. I filled out a form, had my fingerprints taken for a background check and paid $56.50. No training required. It took far longer to get my dog a license.
That is not the way it is everywhere.  I'm pretty sure you got a Utah license--which may or may not be legal in your state.  
I started my 30-day gun trial with a little window-shopping. I visited a gun show and two gun dealers. I ended up buying a Glock 9mm handgun from Tony, a gun dealer four miles from my house. I settled on this model because it was a smallish gun and because Tony recommended it for my stated purposes of protecting myself and my home.
It was obvious from the way I handled the gun that I knew nothing about firearms. Tony sold it to me anyway. The whole thing took 7 minutes. As a gratified consumer, I thought, “Well, that was easy.” Then the terrifying reality hit me, “Holy hell, that was EASY.”  Too easy. I still knew nothing about firearms.

Again, you are not the typical firearms buyer.  You are a hysterical female throwing a temper tantrum and trying to prove a point of how fucking stupid you actually are.

A real firearms buyer would be starting with a safety class, provided by either local law enforcement or the NRA.  Those classes start with the four rules of gun safety.  And also teach how to safely handle a gun without intending to shoot it (releasing the magazine and clearing it), then how to safely shoot it.

You, you fucking stupid cunt, are a complete and utter fucking moron trying to prove a point that all gunowners are irresponsible because you are, and you are now a gun owner.
Tony told me a Glock doesn’t have an external safety feature, so when I got home and opened the box and saw the magazine in the gun I freaked. I was too scared to try and eject it as thoughts flooded my mind of me accidentally shooting the gun and a bullet hitting my son in the house or rupturing the gas tank of my car, followed by an earth-shaking explosion. This was the first time my hands shook from the adrenaline surge and the first time I questioned the wisdom of this 30-day experiment.
Fucking stupid bitch.  New guns aren't shipped loaded.  Stupid mouthbreathing cunt.  Fuck off.

Oh, and this Tony person can fuck right off for being willing to sell your stupid ass a gun, and for selling you a Glock for your first gun.  You, Heidi, need a cute little pink .38 revolver with an impossible double action trigger.  Because you, Heidi, are the fucking reason gun store owners stereotype those of us who actually know what they're doing.
I needed help. I drove to where a police officer had pulled over another driver. Now, writing this, I realize that rolling up on an on-duty cop with a handgun in tow might not have been fully thought through.
Ha.  Y'think?  Too bad he didn't shoot your stupid fucking ass.  Your children would be far better off growing up without your idiocy infecting them.
I told him I just bought a gun, had no clue how to use it. I asked him to make sure there were no bullets in the magazine or chamber. He took the magazine out and cleared the chamber. He assured me it was empty and showed me how to look. Then he told me how great the gun was and how he had one just like it.
The cop thought I was an idiot and suggested I take a class. But up to that point I’d done nothing wrong, nothing illegal.
No, it's not illegal to be a stupid fucking cunt.  No, it's not illegal to buy a tool you have no idea how to use.  It is fucking stupid, and you are a fucking idiot.  Any other inexperienced gun owner would take a class.  And most concealed carry classes include a briefing on how to safely handle a gun.  It's your fault you chose one that didn't.  
So here I sit at Starbucks, and the irony couldn’t be thicker. On March 12, 2010, I was surrounded by big hairy men with guns on their hips, yelling at me as I led a protest against Starbuck’s gun policy. Today, I’m surrounded by five-year-old boys sitting with their moms at the next table. Now I’m the one with a gun on her hip. The gun makes me more fearful than I could have imagined.
That's because you are a fucking hysterical female.  And you can fuck off for making the rest of us look bad.  You are the reason I hate other women.
In some way, I feel a certain vindication. I was right to protest Starbucks policy. Today, they have a woman with absolutely no firearms training and a Glock on her hip sitting within arm’s reach of small children, her hands shaking and adrenaline surging.
No, you weren't vindicated.  You're a fucking idiot.  And you can fuck off, with your loaded gun that you don't know how to safely handle, and are too closed-minded, and too irresponsible to learn.

I am a responsible gun owner.  I've taken classes.  I've never shot anybody, never been tempted, and never had an accident with a gun--because I obey the four rules.  Which Heidi has obviously never heard of.  

Friday, June 14, 2013

My week was going pretty good...and then I saw the news on Thursday.  Several parts purely pissed me off. 

First up: Democratic Representative Bobby Rush can fuck right off with a giant rainbow horse dick for suggesting we need to stop calling illegal aliens "illegal" because that word is "extremely offensive."  Sure, you terroristic Black Panther twunt.  I'll stop calling them "illegal."  I'll start calling them wetbacks.  And rifle targets.  And you? 

Next: the Orwellian Affordable Care Act.  It isn't.  Need I say more

(By the way, you cock-biting cum-burping guttersluts--I am a part time English professor at a small university, and my family can't afford your so-called "cheapest" plan.)

Last, but not least...King Putt himself can fuck the fucking fuckety fuck off for deciding to fucking weigh in on the fucking side of the fucking Syrian rebels.  I don't give half a flying fuck at a rolling fucking donut that the Syrian government used chemical weapons.  Fucking good on them for that. 

Because the rebels that King Putt has decided to aid?  Have just pledged their allegiance to al-Qaeda

That makes the camel-humping knob gobbling mouth-breathing sand louse a fucking traitor.  That makes him even worse than I'd previously thought him. 

And, in honor of the religion to which he apparently ascribes...

Friday, June 7, 2013


Flashbacks that come out of fucking nowhere, with no triggering event to give warning, can fuck right the fuck off. 

Too emotionally exhausted to really rant after that.  How's y'all's week been?