Friday, October 28, 2011

Being buried under an avalanche of stuff that needs done.

That can fuck off. Especially when you've got a toddler hanging off of one side of you, and a toddler-in-waiting hanging off the other, both wanting you to stop working and start playing with them.

(I'd much rather play with the kids than work.)

Oh, and panic attacks suck, and can fuck right the fucking fuckety fuck off. I really didn't need that today.

Friday, October 21, 2011

I got nothin'

Nothing besides petty complaints about how early children tend to wake up. My pixie started taking her first independent steps this week. She's ten and a half months old.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Government. Again.

First up is that Blooming idiot mayor of NYC, who asserts that pushing healthy food is the highest responsibility of government. Second one is the mental health "professionals" pushing to add lithium to the drinking water supply.

The second one bothers me. Seriously, are they planning to try to overdose those who have it prescribed? If not, how are they going to avoid it? Say they reduce the doLinksage: what if the patient that needs it doesn't drink enough tap water to receive the dose they need? That doesn't even count the whole concern over their reasoning: that places with naturally high levels of lithium in the drinking water have lower incidences of violence and suicide. So, in other words, they want to drug the masses into somnolence, just like schools do the active kids (ADHD meds for kids that are bored by low expectations and easy work, anyone?).

And last, but not least, Topeka, KS, deciding that the place to save money is in refusing to prosecute domestic violence cases. Umm...what? You mean assault isn't a felony when it's assault committed on a spouse? Interesting. And revolting. The place to cut the city's budget is in the paychecks of useless bureaucrats: either cut salaries or cut positions.

That is all for this week, but I think that's enough.

Friday, October 7, 2011

My mom's family

My mother has three sisters. Two of my aunts have no backbone. One of them is mentally/emotionally about ten years old, despite being in her mid fifties. Both are incredibly passive-aggressive. The other aunt is a bully. Two aunts, the bully and the child, tend to punish my mom for things I do to make her mad.

They all compete over who is in worse health and how, whose back/shoulders/hips/knees hurt more, who is in worse shape financially. They compete over whose life is more stressful. I grew up around this kind of one-upsmanship, and sometimes it's really hard to keep sympathizing with people's problems from turning into this because of that early training.

My mom and her sisters need therapy. They need a lot of therapy. I don't recall one interaction that was healthy between the four of them in all of my twenty-some-odd years of memory. They can't all get together without somebody starting a fight.

It was interacting with my mom's family on Thanksgiving, Christmas, and birthdays that made me hate family get-togethers. Honestly, the only thing that's saved Thanksgiving and Christmas from total hatred is the time we've spent with my in-laws the past ten or so years.

Tomorrow, I'm permitting all of my family to gather for celebrating my son's third birthday (which happened yesterday). I'm afraid the trends will hold, and someone will start a fight, I'll react to protect my children from jealous harpies messing with their heads, and my mom will be punished for me removing my kids from that situation. And, since it's not fair to my kids that they don't get to know their family, I don't know that I really have many options.

And that can fuck off.