Friday, October 30, 2009

Friday, October 23, 2009

Grow Up, Fuckhead

To one of the emotionally stunted fuckwits I work around who routinely decides he is mad at someone for something totally stupid and random that no sane person would expect another to get angry about that shuns people for days by not talking to them and being a fucking all-around dickhead: grow the fuck up. You are two years away from being eligible to collect Social Security, not a twelve-year-old boy who just lost at tug rope.

And run-on sentences can fuck off, too.

It's all yours.

Friday, October 16, 2009

That's IT. "REALITY TV" Can Suck My Balls.

If all that balloon boy shit from yesterday turns out to be attention whores using general public concern for the well-being of children that were just whoring for attention, for the first time in my life, I'm going to advocate a public mob gathering on somebody's front lawn.

With apologies to those of you that actually enjoy reality television, but Jeebus fucking Kryste. I'm sick of the age of instant celebrity, just add "reality" premise. I'm sick of useless pieces of shit like Jon and Kate being shoved in my face every fucking day just for going about the business of life. Celebrity stalking is bad enough when it involves people that actually have a talent for something and who are primarily famous for that said talent over the fact that they merely exist. Now we've got idiots who are famous just for letting a camera crew film their fucking every move, who then in turn crab to MORE cameras about how they don't have any privacy.

What the FUCK are we turning in to? We're either genuinely interested in watching the lives of white fucking trash unfold, or we're of such ridiculously low character that we've taken pleasure into tuning in to this shit just to feel better about ourselves. If you actually watch this crap to gratify stupid feelings of personal superiority, you are FUCKED UP.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Gaaah. Late again.

[Thanks for the reminder, Dave]

Fuck off to me and fuck off to Fridays.

Friday, October 2, 2009

The P Word

Roman Polanski. I've been mostly biting my tongue since he was arrested. Not anymore.

*to the people making excuses for him, fuck off. I realize a lot of these folks are longtime colleagues and friends and this can make objectivity difficult for them, but come on. It doesn't matter how long its been, how talented he is, or that he's been a model citizen ever since. He plead and fled. He's got some time coming to him.

*fair warning: if you ever use the word "Hollyweird" around me, I will punch you in the face. FUCK OFF with your putting all of this down to L.A. being some breeding ground of festering moral decay. The people in that business you so love to hate, who come to it for reasons ranging from genuine interest in film as art to being a simple attention whore, are from your backyards. Most of them move here from Minnesota or Tennessee or Florida. These Hollyweirdos are not the product of Los Angeles. Your state capital has just as many junkies, rapists, drunk drivers, sluts, opportunists, child abusers and idiots. The only difference is that people don't put out magazines chronicling their escapades. Try and imagine if every mistake you ever made was published in US Weekly and have a little fucking compassion before you rush to judgement.

*it's perfectly reasonable to appreciate an artist for their work and talent and still think they are a depraved shithead. I don't go into restaurants and ask the hostess how the owner voted in the last election or if he's ever been convicted of a crime before deciding to eat there and I doubt you do, either. I don't know why people seem to think boycotting artists is 1) going to make a fucking difference ("thanks. Keep the 0.00000000001 cents I would have earned in royalties. I can manage to cut back for two seconds to suffer the loss") 2) reasonable in any way unless you are spending your life making sure every penny you earn never falls into the hands of someone who dares to disagree with your personal opinions or engages in behavior you find reprehensible.

*everyone who reads or hears about some celebrity doing something stupid that immediately launches into an attack on their work or life can fuck off. "I never liked his music/films/books anyway." What the fuck does that have to do with anything? Look, you may not like Polanski's films. That's a matter of personal taste. But you cannot, without looking like a fucking philistine idiot, say that he has contributed nothing to the cultural landscape. The very fact that you've heard of movies like Rosemary's Baby and Chinatown refutes that. Even if you think they are crap, all these years later, people are still talking about them. That means something. It's a fucking contribution.

*Polanski's mother dying in the Holocaust and his wife and would-be son being murdered is not a fucking excuse for criminal behavior years and years later. Millions of people lost loved ones during the Holocaust. And this was the wife, by the way, that he married reluctantly, ran around and cheated on incessantly ("Roman lies to me and I pretend to believe him." She even fucking knew about it) and was disappointed by when she turned out to be an old-fashioned girl who just longed to be a wife and mother and not some swinging 60s full-time party dame. I'm not saying he didn't love her, but give me a break. If anyone doubts that, had Sharon Tate lived, she'd now be the ex-Mrs. Polanski, you're kidding yourself. By the way, if suffering a traumatic childhood and great loss is a viable excuse for committing a crime, give me my free pass right fucking now. I've earned it. I've got some banks to rob and some dope to smoke in public places.

*please knock it off with the "shut up and sing" crap. Entertainers are just as capable of becoming informed, educated citizens as your or me. The biggest idiot in the room being the loudest is not unique to Hollywood. One moron spouting off rubbish about how it's not "rape rape" does not an entire industry make. If you think they shouldn't express their opinions, then, my dear blogger, why don't you shut up and get back to your desk job or your lab, classroom, or making change at the fucking 7-11, because you're no more qualified.

If I pissed anyone off, I'll make no apologies here. I'm sick of reading all the Moral! Outrage! Christ on a peanut butter-coated crutch. Even most of the people defending Polanski are doing so on grounds that have nothing to do with his actions that day. You think it's bad to drug and rape a thirteen-year-old. Welcome to the fucking human race.