Friday, August 27, 2010

Administration and bureaucracy

You know, the idiot conjoined twin concepts that share a brain and think they know everything needed to run something. Yeah. Those can fuck off. With Cheez in a spray can.

First problem: one of my classes didn't "make." (Actually, if admin had permitted my department head to do what he wanted, they both would have.) Ten students per section is the minimum, and I had nine students in one section, eleven in the other. All they would have had to do was shift one student into the section with nine, and they told my department to shift the nine students into the other section and yank one.

Granted, I understand on one level: I'm paid by the section, and that would have saved the college the pay on the other. I'm sure nearly $2000 is a huge chunk of the budget on the level they're playing with.

On the other...well...that cuts my pay in half, and I didn't find out until the day classes started.

(At least it left me free to help my department head fix a clerical problem--one of my part-time colleagues was double-booked, so I took one of her 8:00 a.m. TTh classes, and shifted it online--er, Blackboard enhanced it. I'll be on campus two days a week, and they'll be in class. Really. We're not cheating the asshats in the admin of $150 extra in fees for 27 students. I promise.)

Second problem: I have access to one of my rosters. Today. Next week, because admin kept postponing my contract because of the "We don't know if both your sections will make" issue, I'll be deemed no longer working for the university, and won't have access to either my rosters or my pay information (though that last matters less--I won't get paid until the last day of September).

So yeah, admin and bureaucracy can fuck off with the plastic nozzles of their cans of Cheez crammed so far up their ass that the nozzle's are at eye level.

Have a good weekend.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Nearly nothin'

All I've got this week pissing me off is the continuing, nearly constant low-grade nausea. I'm in too good of a mood--the ultrasound was yesterday, and we found out we're having a girl!

Have a good weekend, everyone.

Friday, August 13, 2010


The way my job has their computer systems set up, I'm going to have a damn hard time doing everything they want me to do for the first two or so weeks.

I have to sign a new contract every semester. My contract is kind of up in the air right now, because no one is sure both my classes will make (which will be a fuck-off all of it's own, if one doesn't--they'll fold all of my students into one class, and drop the other, which halves my pitiful paycheck). Without that contract being in HR's hands, they'll kick me off of the system. Right on the first day of the semester. Which means that now, with the way they've got things set up, I won't be able to access my official roster to tell my students that they aren't officially enrolled, and they need to fix that (for at least another month while they get that fixed).

That can fuck right the fucking fuckety fuck off. So can the sleazebag that decided on the new system four years ago that we didn't have the hardware to pull off. We've got one more year before our hardware will be totally upgraded to properly run the software.

Another thing that can fuck right off is that I'm not going to be getting paid until the end of September. Yep, I'll be working for six weeks before I see my first paycheck. Which is likely to be half of what it was last semester. That implemented with the new computer system: "It's too hard to change the computer system to deposit your paycheck with everyone else's--even if we get your contract before the end of the previous semester."

Sounds to me like the bitch running human resources is just making a power play over the part-time faculty because she can't with the full-time faculty, or with the upper administration.

And she can fuck off with a rusty-razor-wire wrapped cracked glass dildo as big as her inflated ego.

Friday, August 6, 2010

The Clinton appointee in AZ can Fuck Off.

Arizona's law paralleled federal law. It forbade law enforcement officers from pulling people over just because they were Mexican--they had to be doing something else (like speeding, or doing a drug deal) before cops could ask them to prove they were there legally.

A judge in Arizona gutted the law the people asked for, the legislature passed, and the governor signed to sandbag the flood of criminals in their state.

They've had to close many of their parks because it's too dangerous for American citizens. And that stupid bitch won't let the state protect its citizens by making federal law applicable on the state level, because it interferes with federal (non) enforcement of immigration law.

Liberal Clinton-appointed bitch of a non-judgmental judge can fuck off with a double cracked glass dildo powered by a saber-saw, and lubed with rancid habanero nacho cheeze sauce.