Friday, April 26, 2013

Lowes and Lowes' salespricks.

We have new cabinets.  They're very nice, and I like the way they brighten a very dark kitchen.

I have no counter tops.  No sink.  No way to have water in the kitchen.  The incompetent twerp working the sales desk said he told me that the counter tops would take two or three weeks from the measurements being taken after the cabinets got installed before they would be ready to be installed.

No.  No, he didn't tell me that.  Or I would have written off the charge for the measurements and gone elsewhere.

I am not happy.  This has gone beyond inconvenient into the realm of the ridiculous.  Words cannot express how very not happy I am.

The next bit of work we have done will not be done through Lowes.  The next appliance we need to buy will not be purchased through Lowes.  Any materials we need will not be purchased through Lowes.  I will not be rewarding their incompetence with any more of my money. 

I'd be using a lot more vitriol if it weren't for my head feeling like it wants to explode from pressure in my sinuses and ears.

Friday, April 19, 2013

for HisWiserAngel

Go leave her some love over at The Lonely Libertarian.  She needs it.  She's having to deal with lawyers.

From what I've gathered, she's got two daughters somewhere on the Autism spectrum.  Her oldest isn't capable of self care, and she's been fighting to be permitted to retain legal custody of her, as she's turning eighteen soon.

And Angel's being put through the wringer by assholes  suspicious that she simply wants to retain control of her daughter's disability checks.

May every cum-burping gutter-slut twatwaffle fuckwit mouthbreather who's standing in the way of a mother wanting to care for her daughter contract genital herpes with constant oozy outbreaks, and crabs.  At the same time.  May each and every one of these fuckstick cockbaiting queefstains lose their fucking job, and run afoul of each and every regulation that they're so enjoying slapping people with in their jobs.  May the pencil-dicked hermaphrodites get noisily explosive diarrhea during a conference call with higher ups, suddenly enough that they can't hit the mute button before it starts (and may the mute button fail to work), and may it happen for each time they've pulled this same bullshit with well-meaning parents, while letting the leeches milk the system without oversight. 

And may they spend the rest of their lives in severe discomfort and poverty, with the realization that they were sired by the only sperm that wasn't too stupid to swim away from that particular damaged egg, and that they're only capable of being douchebags because of that genetic deformity, but that their own mothers didn't love them enough to be willing to fight to care for them.

Friday, April 12, 2013


This pisses me off to the point I can't even rant about it.

Missouri state law requires the identities of concealed carry holders to be kept private.  No request for that information should have been granted.  It is, in short, an illegal action on the part of the highway patrol that released this information to anyone.

I am especially incensed because the requirements for getting a concealed carry permit in the state of Missouri includes having your fingerprints run, as well as your name, drivers' license, and social security number--which remains in your record.  This is to be used to search all law enforcement databases to ensure that you are, in fact, legal to own a gun in the first place.

Which includes whether or not you are, or have been in the past, adjudicated mentally unbalanced. 

The excuse--"We need to check against records of crazy people"--is, therefore, invalid.

The idiots that turned over the information need to be arrested, prosecuted, and then turned over to those of us that have CCWs, and were affected by their blatantly illegal identity theft.

Friday, April 5, 2013

A man in Ohio raped a six month old girl to take revenge on her mother for refusing to sleep with him (don't know if that was a one-time deal or constant, but it's still not an acceptable response).  The baby sustained injuries during the attack that killed her.  Pervo-boy goes to death row.  Now, he's requesting clemency.

No.  Not just hell no, but fucking hell no.  Not a fucking chance.  Johnny Pervo fucking needs to fucking die, but doesn't fucking deserve the fucking easy death that the fucking needle in his fucking arm would fucking grant the fucktard. 
No, no.  Mr. I Rape Babies for Fun fucking deserves exactly what he fucking dished out.  He fucking deserves to be ass-raped by a fucking Clydesdale.  A rainbow dyed one.  On Viagra.  Drunk enough that the stud doesn't realize he's inflicting grievous or fatal injuries on the fucker.  Or maybe an elephant.  Yeah, he deserves to be ass-raped by a fucking rainbow painted elephant on Viagra suffering from Priapism. 

And Mr. I'm Mad At My Girlfriend So I'm Gonna Rape Her Infant fucking deserves to have inflicted at the abso-fucking-lute least the same amount of fucking damage.  Or more.  Whatever it fucking takes for him to fucking die painfully from rectal and intestinal ruptures from being raped. 

You know, proper revenge for having raped a baby as revenge for her momma refusing to get it on with him while he's drunk.

And when he lands in his special level of hell, may he be greeted by a devil with a cock the size and shape of an anvil, who rapes him continuously.  You know, just to make sure he fully comprehends how horrific the act he committed was--babies live totally in the now.  That rape lasted for eternity for her.  It's only just for him to face the same.