Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday

Black Friday hysteria can fuck right the fuck off. I don't think even the opening of fucking hunting season garners as much media hysteria as Black fucking Friday, the opening of Christmas Holiday Gift Giving Shopping Season. What kind of stupid fucking putzes fucking trample each other to be the first to buy that 55" flatscreen TV that's on sale for 2% off the regular price (after figuring for the stores carefully jacking up their prices weeks before so that they can hype that the thing is 40% off!!1!1!!)? And what kind of fucking jackals fucking set up fucking NEWS CAMERAS in fucking hopes of fucking catching footage of fucking twatwaffles worked up BY THE FUCKING MEDIA'S FUCKING OVERHYPING OF THE FUCKING SALES fucking TRAMPLING little old ladies and children?!

May whoever started that particular shit-ball rolling find their own special level of hell when they die, and find that their punishment is to be the door greeter at a big box store on Black Friday--for all eternity.

And if they're already dead, I'm sure they've been reincarnated as a dung-beetle by now.

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Friday, November 18, 2011

Sorry so disjointed, but this is personal.

Several levels, this week. Let's start with the closest: flashbacks can fuck off. So can news stories that cause said flashbacks. I don't need the nightmares and panic attacks.

The creeps in the Penn State football program can fuck right the fuckety fuck off. Both the fucking sick child-raping fuck that was fucking caught raping a ten-year-old in the showers, and tried to brush it off as "horsing around," and the even sicker fucking bastard that not only did nothing to stop it, but tried to cover it up. May the two of them go to general population in prison, and become cellmates with a person with a giant cock that's proportional to them like they are to the poor kids they harmed.

The judge that let the child rapist go without bail or a monitoring ankle bracelet can more than fuck right fucking fuckety fuck off. May that cunt get raped in such a way that she's as damaged as the kids she was supposed to put those evil bastards away to protect. May she be disbarred from serving as judge, lawyer, politician, or anything in which she'd come into contact with children ever in her life. May she be shunned by everyone everywhere, with no one willing to help her should she ever need it.

I know what those kids are going through. So does anyone my male genetic donor ever coached in little league or basketball.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Entitlement mentality

The entitlement mentality behind the occupy whatever movement can fuck off. Some of us are grown ups, have jobs, can distinguish between needs and wants, live beneath our means to the best of our ability, and are getting pretty disgusted with the reenactment of Lord of the Flies in our parks and cities by spoiled children screaming "Somebody needs to give me a pony!"

Friday, November 4, 2011

Grading. Paperwork.

It can all fuck off.

I just picked up papers, and according to my contract, I'm required to have them back to my students by Saturday (it says 72 hours). I've also been helping a colleague whose eyes can't tolerate looking at a computer screen for long periods with his online grading, and one of his students plagiarized her last assignment--five out of nine questions, from four different websites--and most of the rest totally butchered one of my favorite poets. I have more to do tomorrow, and that can fuck off.

So can the fact that the administration is pushing more and more of the paperwork they were originally hired to do onto the faculty. Like we don't have enough to do with the aforementioned grading.

Having all this to do all this with two sick toddlers can really fuck off.